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You can use several formats to present and share documents, but most people always default to using PDF. It’s simple to use and has several features you can utilize to alter or improve your documents. Even though people share PDFs mainly through emails, it’s always essential to know what alternatives exist when you can’t access your email but still need to share a PDF.

Quick Answer

You can send PDFs through text message. It’s as simple as opening your messaging app and clicking on the attachment icon. Next, select the PDF file you’d like to share and click “Send”. Even though most recent phone models can easily share PDFs on text messages, you may need to customize a few settings to share a PDF file with others.

This article details how to send PDFs through text message.

Overview of Sending PDF Through Text Message

Sending a PDF through text message may not seem as convenient as sending it via email, but there are instances when sending a PDF via text may come in handy. An excellent example is when you’re traveling but still need to share a document with someone. If you don’t have immediate access to Wi-Fi, texting the PDF file is the best way to ensure the recipient gets the document in time. This knowledge may also be helpful in instances where you have the recipient’s contact number but not their email.

Additionally, if you run a business that frequently needs to share certain documents with clients, learning how to text PDFs could be helpful. For example, a restaurant texting a menu or a change in reservation seems more appropriate than sharing via email. The recipient is likely to receive the document faster.

Now, we delve into how to send a PDF through text message.

Sending PDF Through Text Message: Step-by-Step Guide

Before sending a PDF, you need to ensure your phone is compatible with PDF. You can verify by viewing the PDF in read-only mode or downloading the file. If you can’t download or view the PDF file, you may need to install a secondary app to work on or create a PDF.

After verifying that your device can view and share PDF files, follow the steps below to send the files through text message.

  1. Open your phone’s messaging app.
  2. Click on the “New Message” icon like you would when composing a text.
  3. Click on the attachment icon.
  4. Select the PDF file you’d like to share from your phone’s storage.
  5. Add the recipient’s phone number.
  6. Tap on “Send” to share the file.

Sometimes, your phone may fail to send a PDF through text message if the file is too big or if it exceeds 1MB. In this case, you can use an online PDF compression tool to minimize the size of the file before sending it.

Additionally, if your phone fails to send a PDF document due to incompatibility issues, you can try texting the PDF as a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Some phone models will automatically change any attachment sent through text into MMS. Other models will give you an option of SMS or MMS when sending a text. 

Whichever smartphone you’re using, you can follow the basic steps below to send a PDF through text message as an MMS.

  1. Open the messaging app on your phone.
  2. Tap “Compose“.
  3. If your phone has an SMS or MMS option, click on “MMS“. If not, leave the text page blank.
  4. Add the recipient’s phone number in the appropriate section.
  5. Click on the paperclip icon to attach multimedia files to your text message.
  6. Your phone will launch its document storage section with the name “Files” or “Documents“.
  7. Select the PDF you want to send.
  8. The PDF file will attach to your text as an MMS.
  9. Click “Send“.


As you have learned, sending a PDF file through text message is simple. You can consider sending PDFs through text messages to increase conversion and response rates if you run a business. Sending PDFs through text also comes in handy when you need to urgently share a document with someone who isn’t within Wi-Fi range or when you have limited access to your email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I send a PDF through text message?

Your phone may be blocking the process because the file is too large or the model is incompatible with PDF. If the PDF file is too large, compress it to a smaller file size before sending.

How can I send a large PDF file through text message?

Many phones will not share files exceeding 1 MB via text message. The alternative is to upload the document on the web and then share a link to the document through text message.

How do I create or view PDF files on my phone?

You can use an in-built document app to create and view PDF files on your phone or download a secondary viewing app.

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