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How To Send Roomba Home From App

Roomba Home App

Once the Roomba is done cleaning or its battery runs low, it automatically goes to the home base and docks itself so that it can recharge. However, there can be times when you want to get the Roomba out of the way even when its battery is not low or it hasn’t completed the cleaning cycle. You can use the app to send the Roomba home in such cases.  

Quick Answer

To send the Roomba home, download the iRobot HOME app and open it. In the app, you’ll see a “Clean” button. Once you tap on that, it will show you the “Send Home” option. Tapping this option will automatically send the Roomba to its base. 

In this article, we go into more detail about how to send the Roomba home using the app and alternative ways of sending it home. 

How To Send Roomba Home From App

The iRobot HOME makes it very easy to control your Roomba directly from your phone. This means you no longer need to get up and go to the dock to press the button so your Roomba can make its way back to the base. Here’s how:

  1. Download the iRobot HOME app. It is available on Android Play Store and the iOS App Store.
  2. Make sure your Roomba’s home base is correctly plugged in. If it isn’t, your Roomba won’t locate it, which means it won’t be able to make its way back home. 
    By looking at its light indicator, you can know if your Roomba’s home base is receiving power. It should blink once every 4 seconds or fully light up for 4 seconds and switch off.
  3. Now, open up the HOME app on your phone. 
  4. You’ll see the “Clean” button in the app. Tap on that.
  5. You will now see the “Send Home” option. Once you tap on that, your phone will command the Roomba to return to its dock. 

If your Roomba doesn’t go back even after you follow these steps, there’s a high chance that your home base isn’t plugged in properly. Manufacturers suggest placing the base in a flat area with no obstructions. Put it against the wall and plug it in a wall outlet nearby. 

Per the manufacturer’s instructions, you should also leave 1.5 feet of space on the right and left of the base and 4 feet in front of it. It should also be at least 4 feet away from staircases. 

Also, make sure you set it in a place with a strong Wi-Fi signal so you can control your Roomba using the smartphone.

You should also remember that your Roomba will take a few minutes to make its way back to its home base. It can take 6 to even more than 10 minutes, depending on how far it is from the base and the number of obstructions in its path. It can even take a few seconds to dock itself if it is within 6 feet of the docking station.

Alternative Methods

If you don’t want to use the app, there are other ways to send your Roomba home. You can use voice control or press your device’s “Dock” button. Let’s take a look at these two in more detail. 

Using Voice Control

You can also use the app to sync your Roomba with Amazon Alexa. This way, you can command the Roomba to go home. Of course, you’ll need Alexa for that, but here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the iRobot HOME app and launch it.
  2. Go to “Menu” and then tap on “Smart Home”.
  3. Next, tap on “Connected Accounts and Device” and then on “Amazon Alexa”
  4. This will open up the Alexa app. All you need to do now is tap on Link.

You will see a confirmation message on your phone once the link is successful. 

Pressing the Dock Button on the Roomba

All Roomba models have a dock (or home) button on the top that sends it home. This is a small button somewhere near the Clean button on your Roomba. The exact position of this button varies from model to model, so you’ll have to read the user manual that came with your device to know which one is the dock button.


Sending the Roomba back to its home base is easy, especially with the app. With just a few taps, you can send your device home without getting up. However, if you face any difficulty, you can always contact the company’s technical support, and they’ll be glad to help you.

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