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One of the day’s most difficult tasks is waking up early in the morning after a short nap. Only an alarm clock can save us from the hassle of being late every day. However, you don’t need a physical clock by your side if you own an Android device, as they have a built-in alarm feature. Here’s how you can easily set up an alarm from your Android smartphone or tablet. 

Quick Answer

If there’s a clock widget on your home screen, you can tap on it to access the alarm settings and customize the date and time accordingly. Your phone also has a separate Clock app that lets you set up an alarm. Moreover, asking Google Assistant to set the alarm is also an option.

Besides selecting the time, choosing a suitable ringtone for the alarm is also important. Otherwise, you won’t be able to wake up on time. The article below covers all this and the steps in setting the alarm on your Android device.

Setting Up the Alarm From the Home Screen

All Android phones have a home screen, and most have a clock widget by default. When you click on the clock widget, you will be taken to the clock settings, where you can set up an alarm. You can also access the alarm settings from the built-in clock application on your Android phone. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Tap on the clock widget on your home screen.
  2. Suppose you don’t have a clock widget, press and hold an empty space on your home screen. Some customization options will appear.
  3. Click on “Widgets” to access all varieties of widgets.
  4. Select “Clock” and choose your desired widget out of all the options.
  5. Place the clock widget on your home screen.
  6. Once inside the clock settings, switch to the “Alarm” tab. 
  7. Move the time slider to set your desired time and date.
  8. You can also choose the ringtone here and whether you want the alarm to ring once or daily.
  9. Click “Save” on the screen, and your alarm will be set. 
Keep in Mind

Every smartphone manufacturer has a different system UI skin. The clock widget and the clock app will have different options. So, you should check the settings according to your manufacturer; however, the settings are mostly similar.

If you don’t want to set up a clock widget on your home screen, you can always access the alarm settings through the clock app. The Clock app is a default application; you can find it under the system apps folder on your device. You can also search for the clock app in the app drawer of your smartphone.

Setting Up the Alarm Using Google Assistant

Voice assistants have become very intelligent and advanced now. They can easily understand simple or even complex commands, and setting up an alarm is one of them. 

If you have a Samsung phone, you can use Bixby; however, all Android phones have Google Assistant. Some Android phones even have a dedicated key that can be set to activate the voice assistant.

  1. Use your voice command to say “Hey Google”, or press the assistant key to activate Google assistant. 
  2. You can ask the assistant to “Set an alarm for 6 AM” or any other time you like. The assistant will set the alarm instantly.
  3. If you want to change or cancel the alarm, you can activate the assistant and say, “Turn off the alarm for 6 AM” or the time you’ve set.

You can use the same method for Samsung’s assistant Bixby. However, Google Assistant can still be used on Samsung phones.

The Bottom Line

An Android smartphone is very handy, yet it can replace many of your gadgets, like a physical alarm clock. You can set up alarms for different days and times using your Android and choose custom ringtones for those alarms. 

The easiest way to set the alarm is to tap the clock widget on your home screen. You can also access the clock settings by heading to your built-in clock application. Google Assistant on your Android device can also set up an alarm. We have discussed all these methods in detail so you can easily set the alarm on your Android device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own sounds for the alarm?

Yes, you can choose any sound on your Android device as your alarm ringtone. Head to Clock > “Alarm” > “Current Alarm Sound”. Now, tap “Add New” and select the sound you want to be set as the ringtone.

Can I change the date and time for multiple alarms?

Yes, each alarm is completely customizable. You can select a different time for each alarm and even different days for the alarm to ring. One alarm can be set for only a single day, and the other can ring all days of the week.

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