How To Set an SD Card As Default Storage on Android

Sd Card For Android

If you own a smartphone, there’s every possibility that you will run out of storage space at some point. Due to this, SD cards are designed to provide you with additional storage space. If you have one inserted into your device, you might want to know how to set it as default storage. 

Quick Answer

Setting an SD card as default storage on a smartphone is quite easy. All you need do is access your device’s Settings menu, then click the “Storage” option. This will give you access to select your SD card as the default storage.  

Most smartphones come with internal storage of 8GB to 64GB. This internal storage will not meet your demands if you’re a heavy user. Therefore, you will need an SD card to free up space on the internal storage.

You’ll learn how to set it as default storage in this guide. 

Using an SD Card for Storage on Smartphones

In the early days of mobile phone development, most mobile phones were designed mainly for making calls and sending text messages. Today, smartphones offer so much convenience that we can use them to snap pictures, record audio, play music, watch videos, and play games. 

To record these experiences, you need enough storage space on your device. 

This is what an SD card offers you. With the right SD card, you will have more storage space to save your pictures, audio files, and videos. Since it’s an external storage device, you need to insert it into your phone. Once that is done, you’ll need to set the SD card as default storage. 

The term “default storage” means the storage space will be your primary storage option. 

So, when saving pictures and videos, it will automatically save on the SD card instead of the internal storage. If your internal storage is full, your device will start running slow. You can prevent this by freeing up space on the internal storage with a quality SD card. 

That said, getting an SD card is not enough. You need to know how to set it as default storage. 

Without further ado, we will quickly look at how to set an SD card as default storage. 

How To Set SD Card As Default Storage 

When setting an SD card as default storage on your smartphone, the model of your smartphone will determine what to do. In most cases, you will need to check your device’s Settings menu. This will allow you to set an SD card as default storage. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set an SD card as the default storage.

Step #1: Insert the SD Card Into the Memory Card Slot 

The first step requires you to get an SD card and insert it into your device. SD cards come in different sizes and are compatible with most Android devices. Get it and insert it into the phone. 

Power on your phone, and you will get notified that a new SD card has been inserted. 

Step #2: Launch Settings Menu on Your Device

Once the SD card is inserted into your phone, go to your home screen and navigate to Settings. Click the Settings icon on your home screen to launch the Settings menu options. 

Now, the Settings menu will display several options, including “Storage“. 

Step #3: Navigate and Select Storage

At this stage, you will need to navigate the options available in Settings. Once you navigate the options, you will see “Storage” on the settings menu display. Here, you will find three storage options. That is RAM, internal storage, and memory card

Navigate to the default location and check for the SD card. 

Step #4: Set the SD Card As Default Storage

Check for the SD card. Once you see the SD card, click it to set it as the default storage. This involves changing it from “Internal Storage” to “SD Memory Card“. 

This process will activate the SD Memory Card as the default storage option. From that moment, all photos and videos captured on your phone will be saved on the SD card. 

Also, when you download content online, it will save automatically on your SD card. 

These few steps will assist you in setting an SD card as default storage on your smartphone. 


Unlike media files, mobile application files cannot be moved to SD card storage on most Android devices. For some Android phones, you will need to format the SD card as internal storage. Formatting an SD card will wipe all the data and files on the storage.


The internal storage space available on most smartphones is barely enough. It can be pretty frustrating to run out of space when you need to save media files or install mobile applications on your smartphone. So, knowing how to set an SD card as default storage will come in handy. 

With the solution provided in this guide, you can easily set an SD card as default storage on your device. It will expand the memory size, and you can start saving more photos and videos.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it possible to install apps on an external SD card?

There’s an obvious limitation when installing apps on an SD card. This is because not all brands of android phones support this function. For brands that support the feature, you will need to launch Settings, navigate to “Storage“, and tap it. Now, select the SD card and format it as internal memory. This will allow you to move your apps to the SD card. 

Can I move my media files to SD card storage?

Yes. After formatting, you can move all your media files to SD card storage. All you need to do is to choose the “Move Content” option and wait for the process to complete.

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