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How To Ship a CPU

How To Ship A Cpu

A CPU (central processing unit) represents the brain of a computer. Did you know you can ship your CPU efficiently? It’s true! You may wonder if there is any quick way to ship a CPU. Well, we’ve got some tips & tricks! 

Quick Answer

First, there are numerous ways to ship a CPU, such as using foam, cardboard, and anti-static bags. You can ship your CPU quickly! Using the original box to ship the CPU is the most reliable way to ship it.

Continue reading for comprehensive guidelines on an easy-to-follow procedure for shipping the CPU, including handy tips. The following information will help you ensure safe CPU shipping.

Which Is the Most Convenient Way To Ship a CPU?

You’ll need to take precautions if you choose to ship your CPU. To begin the packing, you must prepare the appropriate materials, including bubble wrap, packing foam, and non-static plastic bags.

A safe way to ship a CPU is by following this procedure.

Method #1: Using Ant-Static Plastic Bags

An anti-static plastic bag offers the best protection for sensitive electronic products. For those without one handy, you can purchase it online for a reasonable price. In addition to shipping CPUs, you can use anti-static bags to protect them. 

Here’s how you ship a CPU using anti-static plastic bags.

  1. Slash the bag appropriately to the CPU’s size.
  2. Wrap it well with a decent layer of bubble wrap
  3. Pack it up in a solid and sturdy box to be able to ship it out without any damage.

Method #2: Using Foam To Provide Protection

Furthermore, you can use styrofoams. It is a very lightweight material for packing and shipping. Styrofoam is also great for use around water, so you don’t have to worry about it dissolving in the rain.

  1. You just have to place the CPU inside the foam.
  2. Ensure it’s inside a bubble-wrapped box to keep it safe.
  3. Cut the foam according to the CPU’s size to make it fit perfectly inside the box.

Method #3: Using Cardboard

Using cardboard offers the most convenient method and is the most traditional way to ship a CPU. Check out the steps.

  1. Let’s take a cardboard piece.
  2. After that, make a cutout of the CPU’s shape.
  3. Insert the CPU into the cardboard using tape and secure it.

You must be precise and careful when cutting out the right shape and securing it with tape.


Congratulations! Now, you are more aware of how to ship a CPU. Using these three methods, you can ship your CPU safely.

Is It Possible To Ship a CPU Without a Box?

You will lose warranty coverage if your CPU is damaged during shipping. As a result, the CPU enclosure must be designed appropriately and should not cause damage to the device.

Ensure that you use sponge pads or packing foam to seal the CPU if it does not come in its original packaging. By filling the empty spaces with these materials, you can cushion them. It is not recommended to wrap the CPU with fabric, polyester, or tissue.

After covering the CPU, place it in a cardboard or sturdy box

Put a label on the box that details your contact information, RMA number, address, and how many items are being returned. 

Make sure the box is tightly closed with tape that is evenly applied on both sides of the box.

Do I Need a Box To Store My CPU?

When storing a CPU, it is best to keep it in its factory case. Alternatively, if you don’t have an appropriate box, use anti-static bags to store it.

Ensure that your CPU is protected from direct sunlight after placing it in a bag and encasing it in cardboard. Furthermore, ensure the CPU packaging is not near a heat source as this might harm it.

Verify Shipping Details

You should use an outstanding carrier service to make sure your CPU packaging does not get damaged during shipment.

Choosing a credible shipping provider will give you confirmation of delivery and tracking of the packaging. Before delivering your package, ensure the essential detail is labeled prominently.

Alternatively, you can send your packaging via the mail if you want. Regardless, it is essential to conduct thorough research on your chosen delivery option is essential. Poor handling can easily damage CPU processors, which are delicate items.


Be sure to enter the correct shipping details. Putting the wrong shipping details will cause your shipping to be delayed.


A CPU can be a complicated item to transport without damaging it or breaking the parts inside. Sometimes, this isn’t easy to ensure. It is sufficient to provide the packaging suitably before shipping to reach the recipient without suffering damage.

The moment you gain an understanding of how to ship a CPU, everything becomes much more manageable. Even though you are missing the original box, you can still find a way to achieve the same result. It will suffice to pack the CPU with foam will suffice to prevent it from breaking during shipping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to put the CPU in the anti-static bag?

You have mounted your CPU on a motherboard you do not use. You have put everything in an anti-static bag, which is now in a box labeled with the date. You shouldn’t have any problems.

Don’t wear socks when ready to use the components; scoot across the carpet and touch them immediately.

Are CPUs shipped with original boxes?

Yes, it is recommended that the processor be packed in the original box. And also, wrap the clamshell with bubble wrap and put it in a box. Bubble-wrap the processor and store it in a brown box for extra protection.

Do you have the capability of shipping a CPU on a motherboard?

There is no problem with shipping a CPU inside a motherboard. It is safer to ship a CPU along with the motherboard than to ship the CPU by itself. You should detach the cooling unit from the motherboard and wrap it in an anti-static bag. Ensure adequate headroom in the storage area; you are ready to go.

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