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Are you moving for college or work and considering taking your PC with you? The first thing that comes to mind is the boxes to pack them in for shipping. But it’s risky when packing a PC since they are equipped with expensive and delicate components.

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The best way to prepare your PC for shipping is by wrapping it in a bubble sheet, then placing it inside a sturdy box. The base and sides on the box’s insides should be covered with foam sheets so the PC can prevent any impact damage. The other components like the keyboard, mouse, and cable cords should be wrapped in bubble sheets and placed in separate boxes.

PC components like graphics cards, hard drives, and motherboards are not just expensive, but they are also delicate. The purpose of the system unit casing is to hold them together, not protect them.

This article will guide you on how to ship a pc with the two safest methods. We will follow a step-by-step approach to pack your PC with the essential wrapping materials.

Things You’ll Need for Shipping a PC

To know how to ship a PC, you’ll need the following items to keep things intact.

  1. At least three shipping boxes depend on the number of items you’re shipping.
  2. Boxes for cables and accessories can be in the form of the original packaging.
  3. Packaging material such as bubble sheets, foam sheets, and foam corners.
  4. A two inches wide packaging tape to pack box material and wrapping.

Preparing a PC for Shipping

Don’t know how to ship a PC to your new destination safely? Before handing your computer to the courier company for shipping, you can follow these two methods to pack it and its components properly.

Method #1: Packing With Original Boxes

The best way to ship your computer system and its components is by using their original packaging. It includes all the packaging material, such as corner foams and bubble sheets. Follow these steps to prepare your PC before calling the courier service for shipping.

  1. Wrap your PC in the original packaging and put it in the box.
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  2. Now seal the openings with packaging top to properly enclose the box from top and bottom.
  3. Then cover the outer layers of the box with bubble sheets making a three inches thick layer.
  4. You can also wrap the original packaging of accessories like mouse and keyboard with bubble wrap.
  5. Finally, sufficiently use the packaging tape to hold the bubble sheet layers.

If your PC casing has a side glass panel, you might need the proper protection and support. Therefore, it is recommended to use heavy-duty double-walled boxes for packing a computer system and its components.

Method #2: Packing Without Original Boxes

If you threw away the original packaging of your PC and its accessories, you could use other recyclable materials at home

The courier companies like “FedEx” provide packaging materials like boxes, bubble sheets, or foam sheets to safely deliver your package to its destination. Follow these easy steps to wrap your PC for damage-free shipping.

Step #1: Finding Right Boxes

The primary packaging element is the box in which you place the items. Since you don’t have the original packaging available, finding a package that matches the dimensions of your system unit and PC monitor is suitable. Ensure the boxes are in one piece to avoid any damage during shipping.

Step #2: Wrapping and Packing PC

Take the cardboard box and make a thick layer of bubble wrap at its bottom. You can also place a three-inch layer of foam sheet on the bottom of the box. Now carefully cover the PC with a thick layer of bubble sheet around it and wrap it with a sufficient amount of tape to hold things together.

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Step #3: Fill In the Spaces

Now place the bubble sheet wrapped PC in the box. If the package has empty spaces, use some packaging peanuts to fill those spaces. You can also use cushioning material or corner foam to fit the PC properly inside the box. However, it’s recommended to place the corner form before wrapping the PC with bubble sheets.

Step #4: Packing Accessories

This is the easiest step since you have to wrap the accessories with a bubble sheet and put them in a box. You can use a designated compartment for the mouse-keyboard set and a separate container for cords. Cover them with the bubble sheet and then wrap them with tape to hold them in place.

Step #5: Label the Boxes

Finally, seal any loose end you see on the outer sheet layer of the box. Do the same with the accessory boxes as well. Don’t forget to put labels on each box and cover the label with invisible tape, so it doesn’t come off. 

Finally, call the courier company to pick up the computer from your home or drop it at their office. 


The amount of packaging equipment you put in may increase the weight and cost you more for shipping. Therefore, get cost estimation using a shipping calculator.


In these guidelines on shipping a PC, we’ve discussed the necessary items to pack the computer accordingly. We’ve also discussed the easiest methods to safely transport your computer system to another location. 

Some people prefer to ship delicate components like hard drives and graphics cards separately. But it makes things hard to manage.

Therefore, you can follow the two effective methods we shared in our guidelines to ship your PC and get it in one piece to the other location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way to ship a PC in the US?

The United States Postal Services provides you the cheapest rates on shipping with their shipping label online. You can choose the correct shipping label based on the dimensions and weight of your package.

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