How To Slow Mo a Video on iPhone

Iphone Slo-Mo

Today, the iPhone has so many features and software support that it almost feels like competing with a PC’s capabilities. For example, you can now make slow-mo videos on an iPhone, a feature exclusively available only on PCs. So, how do you make a video with a slow-mo effect on an iPhone? 

Quick Answer

There are several ways to use a slow-mo video effect on an iPhone. One way to slow-mo a video is to edit a pre-recorded video in the Photos app or any other third-party app. Another way to add the slow-mo effect is with the Camera app while recording the video on your iPhone. 

With the slow-mo feature, anyone can create that dramatic effect on their videos. The method you use to add slow-mo to a video depends on whether the video has been pre-recorded or you want to record it.

This article will explain more about how to go about using the slow-mo feature on an iPhone. 

Different Methods To Add Slow Mo to a Video on an iPhone 

Using the slow-mo feature focuses the attention of view on the matter. When you add the slow motion effect to a video, it slows down the frame rate per second and shutter speed, creating an illusion that the video is slower than it is. The FPS of videos varies depending on the settings of the camera that shot it. 

A typical iPhone has an FPS of 60, although you can vary this setting to record at a higher number than this. But when on slow-mo, the FPS is reduced a great deal. If you’d like to add slow-mo to your videos on an iPhone, there are two ways to go about it. You can use the Photos app or the Camera app on your iPhone. 

Below are two ways you can add the slow-mo effect to a video. 

Method #1: Using the Photos app 

One of the go-to ways many iPhone users add slow-mo to videos is with the Photos app. Note that it must be pre-recorded if you use this method to add slow-mo to your videos. The Photos app is not the only app you can use to add slow-mo to pre-recorded videos on an iPhone. You can also use several third-party apps like Screen Recorder and so on. 

Here’s how to add a slow-mo effect to a video using the Photos app.

  1. Launch the Photos app on the home screen of your iPhone, or scroll down from the home screen, type “Photos” in the search bar, and select the first app that displays on your iPhone, or you can easily ask Siri to open the Photos app. 
  2. In the Photos app, locate the video on which you want to add the slow-mo effect and tap on the edit button
  3. Possibly place your iPhone in landscape mode to make editing easier. 
  4. At the base of your screen, as two sliders, drag it to the section you want to add the slow-mo effect. 
  5. When you are satisfied with the position of the slider, you can then tap on “Done” to save the edit. 

Method #2: Using the Camera app 

Another way to add the slow-mo effect to videos is with the Camera app on your iPhone. This method adds the slow-mo feature to the video as you record it. All you have to do is adjust your iPhone’s camera settings, and you can record videos at slow-mo at a quarter or half its normal speed. Some iPhones can record slow-mo at a high resolution of up to 240 FPS at 1080p

Here’s how to add a slow-mo effect to videos using the Camera app.

  1. Launch the Camera app on your iPhone from the home screen or ask Siri to open it. 
  2. Tap on the “Record Slo-Mo” and record the video. 
  3. Once you are done recording the video, tap on the stop button, and the video will automatically save in the Photos app.  
Quick Tip

To adjust the FPS settings of the camera slow-mo feature, launch the Settings app and select “Camera” from the list. In the “Camera” option, tap on the “Record Slo-Mo” option and choose the FPS at which you want to record.


As you can see from this guide, recording or adding the slow-mo feature to videos on an iPhone is pretty straightforward. All you have to keep in mind is whether you want to add the slow-mo as you record the video or you want to add it to an already existing video.

You can even edit a video you recorded with your camera in slow-mo to add more effects to it. It all comes down to how much creativity you are ready to put in the video file that will determine the result. 

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