How To Speed Up an HP Laptop

Hp Laptop Speed

Laptops are vulnerable to slow speed at some point. With the increased use of the laptop for work and entertainment purposes, installing various applications and running high-end software can slow down the speed. HP laptops are not an exception as they might slow down due to extensive gaming, programming, designing, and video editing.  

Quick Answer

HP laptops can slow down over time for several reasons apart from running heavy applications. Other factors such as overheating, RAM storage, viruses, and unnecessary files can slow down your HP laptop. You can apply quick fixes such as removing unnecessary applications, expanding RAM storage, minimizing boot programs, eliminating viruses and malware, disk cleanup, or adding SSD.  

Quick fixes without technical assistance will allow you to speed up your laptop and bring it back to normal. 

In this post, we will discuss some ways to speed up your HP laptop. Let’s get started.

Method #1: Remove Unused Programs

After unboxing your HP laptop, you will find several pre-loaded programs, some of which can’t be uninstalled. But it is not the case with every program because most of them are just sitting there to consume system resources and slow down your computer.

For instance, if you are not a UI/UX designer, there is no need to have Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw installed on your laptop. Make sure to remove all the unnecessary programs.

Here are some ways to remove unwanted applications.

  1. Click the Start menu. You will find a list of applications that are installed on your system.
  2. Find programs that you don’t use.
  3. Right-click the unwanted application and click “Uninstall”.

Method #2: Reduce the Number of Programs at Startup

Several programs boot up without your instructions when you start your HP laptop. If you are experiencing slow laptop speed, the best way is to limit the number of programs on startup. You can take this step by accessing the “Task Manager” on your laptop using Windows 10.

Here’s how to limit the number of programs at startup.

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and click “Task Manager”.
  2. Click the “Startup” tab.
  3. Select the programs you wish to disable on startup and click “Disable”. You can also enable it in the future if needed.
  4. Restart your laptop, and you will find a huge difference in speed compared to before.

Method #3: Expand Your RAM Storage

When it comes to Windows 10, it does not consume as much memory as that previous versions. However, expanding your RAM storage will allow you to enhance the speed of the HP laptop.

It is easy to install RAM on your desktop computer if you have a bit of idea about the interior. However, when it comes to an HP laptop, you need to get it installed by a professional.


Do not unscrew your laptop without prior knowledge. Consult a professional or visit HP’s official store for assistance.

Method #4: Eliminate Viruses and Malware

As most of our activities are online, there is no chance of being safe from malware and viruses. Thanks to the “Windows Defender” that comes pre-loaded in Windows 10 to detect malware and viruses.

If you want to install any third-party antivirus software, ensure it does not consume too much space. Research to find budget-friendly antivirus software that takes less space on your laptop. You can try finding “open source”, “freemium”, or “paid” antivirus software from websites like

Method #5: Perform Disk Cleanup

It is a norm that every laptop contains several files and folders that have not been used for a while. You can check all those unnecessary files and folders through Disk Cleanup and delete them from your system. It will help free up some space on your hard drive and load your laptop better and faster than ever.

Here’s how to access Disk Cleanup.

  1. Type “Disk Cleanup” on the search bar. A small dialog box will open, asking you to select the drive you want to clean.
  2. Select the drive you want to clean; immediately, another window will pop up.
  3. Check and uncheck files and folders you want to clean up from the selected drive.

Disk Cleanup will be highly effective only if you have higher RAM storage. If you don’t, it is better to install RAM with greater storage to speed up your HP laptop. Refer to method #3.

Method #6: Upgrade Your SSD

SSDs or solid-state drives can be a great addition to your HP laptop if you run multiple applications simultaneously. If you are a graphic designer or video editor, you might need to open several applications simultaneously to complete your job.

Most of the new laptops come with a built-in SSD. However, if you are not having one, consider buying it from the nearest store. The benefit of installing SSD is that your laptop will perform much better, even if you are running multiple applications.

But if you don’t have the option to install SSD on your laptop, consider buying an external drive. It will give an extra boost to your laptop at startup.


Experiencing slow speed on your laptop isn’t something to worry about much. You can follow the steps above to fix your HP laptop without any speed issues. If none of the methods work, check whether you have any pending Windows updates to be installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my HP laptop so slow?

HP laptops can act slowly due to several reasons such as viruses, low storage memory, overheating due to excessive use, and low RAM.

Does dust affect my laptop’s slow performance?

Yes, dust affects the speed of your laptop as it gets stuck into various parts of the laptop. As a result, it gets difficult for the laptop to cool down.

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