How To Spot Fake AirPods Box


When it comes to Apple devices, there are a lot of replicas that you can find on the market. AirPods is one of those products. Just like all Apple products, these wireless earbuds also have a lot of replicas.

That is why it might be tough for you to spot genuine AirPods boxes from fake ones. Luckily, I am here to help you out with this matter and will show you some easy tricks that you can follow to spot fake AirPods boxes.

Fake AirPods

It is not that difficult to spot the fake AirPods box. Most fake AirPods are manufactured in China, and those manufacturers do not focus on build quality and design. They only try to make the box look like the original one.

As a result, they have problems copying some details that Apple can only do well. So, you can easily spot the fake AirPods box by knowing these details.

How To Spot Fake AirPods Box

There are a lot of fakes being sold in the market nowadays. Here are some methods that you can use to spot fake AirPods easily.

Method #1: Check Packaging

First of all, make sure the box is sealed and that there are no imperfections on either side of the box. For example, the tape should be perfect and in line with the edges of the box. There should be no punctures or tears on either side.

Besides, look for any visible imperfections in the plastic wrap. Apple wraps the AirPods in the perfect way. If you feel any imperfection, it means that Box is Fake or Repacked. Both situations are alarming for you.

If the wrapping is perfect, you should look out for spelling errors or font mistakes on the packaging. Original Apple AirPods Box has gray fonts that are slightly smaller and round. But, mostly fake AirPods boxes have black fonts that are slightly bigger.

If everything on the box seems perfect and there are no mistakes, you can follow the following method.

Method #2: Confirm Serial Number on Apple Website

The next method to find the fake AirPods is to confirm the serial number on the Apple website. A real pair of AirPods has a unique serial number. You can check it by following these steps:

  1. Lookout on the below area of the AirPods box; there, you will find the AirPods Model Number and unique Serial Number.
  2. Now go to Apple’s website by following this link Here, you will have to enter the unique serial number you found on the packaging and fill the security CAPTCHA.
  3. Apple will show the warranty status of your AirPods.

If it shows any error related to the serial number, the AirPods are fake.


Suppose it shows the warranty status against the serials number. Still, there are chances that the AirPods may be fake. So, to make sure, you will have to follow the below step.

Method #3: Match the Serial Number

Now you will have to connect the AirPods to your iPhone or iPad and match the serial number written on the packaging to the original serial number that you can see by following these steps.

  1. Go to Settings and head to Bluetooth.
  2. Here you will have to find your connected AirPods and click on the name.
  3. Now you will see all the details about AirPods, including the Serial Number.

If the serial number written on the AirPods Box is the same as the original serial number, congratulations, your AirPods are original. If there is a conflict, the AirPods are fake.

Method #4: Weigh Your AirPods

The major difference between fake and genuine AirPods is the weight. For example, AirPods Pro’s every ear weighs 5.4 grams.

So, you can spot fake Airpods by weighing them. If they weigh more or less than the specified weight on Apple’s website, it means they are fake.

Method #5: Closely Examine the Bottom Grill

There should be a small grill on the bottom of the AirPods. This grill is used to help the AirPods breathe.

On the real AirPods, the grill will have sharp edges and curved lines.

It may be more rounded on a fake or look like it was made for a different product.

Method #6: Check Speaker Grill

Another important difference between fake and original AirPods is the transparency of the speaker grill.

On the fake ones, you will be unable to see through the speaker grill.

But, on the genuine AirPods, you can easily see through the speaker grill.


These methods are the easiest to recognize fake AirPods boxes. Moreover, one can check the authenticity of AirPods by comparing them according to the specification given on the official website. I hope these methods will help you spot the fake AirPods right away.

If you have any questions or some other methods, you can share that by writing in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my AirPods are real?

The easiest and quickest way to know if your AirPods are real is to check Serial Number one on Apple’s official website. If it shows the warranty status, it means your AirPods are real, and if it displays an error, it means your AirPods are fake.

Do fake AirPods connect like real ones?

Unfortunately, some high-quality fake AirPods connect your iPhone like the real ones. Apple has used a W1 chip inside their AirPods to make connections smooth and quick.

At the beginning of the AirPods era, the fake ones don’t have a W1 chip. But right now, some high-quality replicas come with the W1 chip that provides the same connectivity experience as the original one.

How long do fake AirPods last?

There is no specified time period for AirPods to last because they are all made by different manufacturers. But, one thing is proven that they are not as durable as the real ones because of the major price and build quality difference.

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