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How To Switch Profiles on the Peloton App

Peloton App

Do you want to add additional riders by changing profiles on the Peloton app to record new workout sessions? Many users find it difficult, but switching profiles on the app is possible.

Quick Answer

To switch profiles on the Peloton app, log in, tap “Add User”, and select the “Switch Rider” option. Now tap “Manage Riders”, tap “Add a Rider”, follow the on-screen instructions, and tap “Create account”. Next, type in the new profile credentials, sign out of the app, tap “Sign In”, and enter the new profile login credentials. 

To help you with the task, we’ve compiled a detailed step-by-step guide on switching profiles on the Peloton app installed on an Android or iOS device.

Switching Profiles on the Peloton App

If you don’t know how to switch profiles on the Peloton app, our following step-by-step methods will help you go through the entire process without much trouble.

Step #1: Creating a New Profile

The Peloton app does not have the “Switch user” option, so you have to improvise a little to change profiles. 

First, open the Peloton app on the bike, head to the Peloton website using a browser, and log in to your primary account. Next, tap the “Add User” option, which is located at the bottom of the screen next to your avatar. Now tap “Switch Rider” from the menu and select the “Manage Riders” option to initiate the new profile process.

To create a new profile, tap “Add a Rider”, follow the on-screen prompts, and tap “Create account”. 

Image 120

Next, use a new email and type in the username and password for the new profile. 

Go back to the main menu and repeat the above steps to add profiles for more riders if required.

Step #2: Signing Out and Into the Account

In the next step, tap the three horizontal lines with the “More” option written next to them, and tap “Sign Out” in the drop-down menu.

Image 121

Step #3: Switching Peloton Profiles

In the last step, tap the “LOG IN” option on the Peloton app and select any of the new profiles that you created in the first step. Next, enter the associated email and password, log into the app, and start using the new profile.

Image 122

How Many Profiles Can I Have on Peloton?

Suppose you have purchased a subscription while buying a Peloton bike. In that case, you will have an All-Access membership that gives you and up to 20 of your family members living in a single residential address the option to create a separate profile on the same fitness product. 

Also, 5 All-Access members who bought a Peloton guide without investing in the bike can access the tutorials, features, and apps on a single Peloton bike and Tread in a household. However, they cannot access these features with a Peloton Bike and a Peloton Bike Plus combination in one residence. 

A Peloton app membership gives you access to available tutorials and features on the Peloton app, so you cannot use your privileges on any Peloton fitness product, including the bike. 

Is Your Peloton App Not Working?

If you have installed the Peloton app on your device but are not working correctly, do these steps to resolve the issue quickly.

  • Peloton servers might be down, so wait a few hours and try logging into the app again.
  • Restart your Android or iOS device to resolve temporary Peloton app glitches.
  • Troubleshoot internet speed and connectivity issues, restart the router or switch your network.
  • Clear the Peloton app cache from the Settings menu of your Android or iOS device.
  • Try updating the Peloton app from Play Store or App Store and see if this fixes the issue. 
  • Ensure that the time and date settings are accurate according to your time zone.
  • Reinstall the Peloton app for a fresh start.


In this guide, we have discussed how to switch profiles on the Peloton app. We have also discussed how many profiles you can have with a single Peloton membership.

Moreover, we’ve shared a few quick troubleshooting methods if the fitness app malfunctions on your device.

Hopefully, your troubles are over, and you can now record individual workout sessions for different riders using your Peloton bike. 

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