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How To Take Autocorrect Off on iPhone


Autocorrect is a great utility that can come in handy when writing sentences with perfect grammar. But most of us don’t pay much attention to grammar and syntax while texting or commenting. In these situations, autocorrect can misjudge your intentions and completely alter the sentence that you were hoping to type in.

Quick Answer

To take autocorrect off on iPhone, go to the Settings and then click the “General” tab. Then, go to “Keyboard” and look for the option that says “Auto-Correction”. Toggle it off/on by clicking on it.

Autocorrect is designed to utilize its predictive text algorithm and save time typing, but it can become a nuisance and waste time by predicting wrong words or phrases.

Different methods available to turn autocorrect off on iPhones have been explained below. We will also briefly examine the difference between Auto-Correct and Spell Checker.

Take Autoorrect off iPhone

Autocorrect predicts what the user intends to type in and then fills the blanks according to its logic. But not everyone types in the same way. Also, everyday texting language is not exactly the same as perfect English sentences. Because of these reasons, autocorrect fails to correctly predict what the user wants to type in and leads to incoherencies in the predictive text. 

Because of these reasons, most users would want to turn to autocorrect off. Let’s take a look at different approaches to achieve this.

Method #1: Turn Autocorrect off From the iPhone Settings

If you do not want to autocorrect to predict and change words while typing on your phone, you can turn it off from the phone settings.

Follow these steps to turn autocorrect off. 

  1. Go to iPhone Settings by tapping the Settings icon from the home screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap “General” to access general settings.
  3. Scroll down and click “Keyboard” to open the keyboard settings.
  4. In the “All Keyboards” section, tap “Auto-Correction” to turn it off/on.

Now, you have turned the autocorrect off on your iPhone. You can also check this by going text messages app and typing anything you want. You will notice that the phone no longer predicts and changes what you type.

Method #2: Turn Autocorrect off From the Keyboard

Most of the time, you realize what a nuisance autocorrect is when you’re typing. So the best way is to disable it from the keyboard instead of going into settings.

Follow these steps to turn off autocorrect from the keyboard.

  1. Press and hold the globe icon when the keyboard is open.
  2. Tap “Keyboard Settings” to access settings.
  3. Tap “Auto-Correction” to toggle it off.

This way, you can turn autocorrect off from the keyboard without having to navigate from the settings. 

Auto-Correct vs. Check Spelling

Auto-correct is not the same as the Check Spelling feature. Auto-correct automatically predicts what the user wants to type and fills in the blacks. On the other hand, Check Spelling only checks the spellings of the words typed by the user and underlines any spelling mistakes it identifies. 

Unlike auto-correct, Check Spelling will not auto-replace your typed words. It only identifies when you commit a spelling error by highlighting the mistake. This makes it a great utility for typing as it points out mistakes while also giving you the choice of whether you want to change it or not.

To check whether Check Spelling is enabled on your device or not, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Settings by clicking the gear-like Settings icon from the iPhone home screen.
  2. Tap “General” to access general settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap “Keyboard” to access keyboard-related settings.
  4. Click “Spell Checking” to toggle it on/off.

You can turn Check Spelling off if you do not want to see words underlined by red while you are typing. But we recommend you keep this feature on as it is not as intrusive as autocorrect. And can go a long way in helping you assess your writings and make them free of spelling mistakes. This is especially crucial if you ever find yourself using your phone for work-related emails.


Auto-correct has a long way to go before everyday phone users incorporate it into their typing routines. The way technology is being improved, we will soon see a day when autocorrect can successfully predict the user’s intent and type in the remaining words/phrases without making a mistake. 

But in its current state, autocorrect tends to become more of a nuisance than a service. This is why almost all phone users opt to turn this feature off as soon as they start typing in on a new phone. You can turn this feature off by following the methods discussed above. 

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