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How To Turn Off Airplane Mode on Dell Laptops

Airplane Mode On Laptop

Airplane Mode is a handy feature to disconnect all network communications on your device. However, people sometimes face issues disabling this offline mode, especially if it’s a Dell laptop. If you face the same laptop issue, we are here to help.

Quick Answer

You have multiple options to disable the Airplane Mode on your Dell laptop. You can disable it through the physical button on your keyboard, from the Action Center, with the Wi-Fi icon on your taskbar, or through the Airplane Mode toggle in the Windows setting. However, if none of the methods work, you can run a troubleshooter and restart your laptop.

Further, this post will explain each of these methods in detail. But before that, you need to know the purpose of Airplane Mode in laptops.

The Purpose of Airplane Mode in Laptops

Dell laptops come with a built-in Airplane Mode setting you can use to disable all wireless communication on your device. You must turn on Airplane Mode before getting on some air flights to ensure your device signals don’t interfere with the plane. 

In addition, you can also use Airplane Mode to save battery life or avoid disturbing others with the sound of notifications from your laptop. 

Turning off Airplane Mode is easy. You can just press the physical Wi-Fi tower button on your keyboard; the light turns on when the Airplane Mode is turned on. 

6 Ways To Disable Airplane Mode  

Turning on the Airplane Mode is quite easy and simple. However, many dell users have complained that their laptop often gets stuck in Airplane Mode.

However, you have multiple options to get out of flight mode on a Dell PC. Here’s a list of six ways you can try out to get out of it. 

Method #1: Using the Airplane Button on Your Keyboard

One way to turn off flight mode is by pressing the physical button on your keyboard with the airplane or Wi-Fi tower icon, usually on your keyboard’s top-right corner.

If the laptop is in Airplane Mode, this button will be lit in white or orange, and pressing it will disable Airplane Mode. However, press that key with the Fn key if it is one of the keyboard keys. 

Method #2: Using the Wi-Fi Menu on the Taskbar

The second way to disable the mode is by using the Wi-Fi tray on your taskbar. When you tap on the Wi-Fi menu, you see three sections: Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, and Hotspot.

If your laptop is on Airplane Mode, the Airplane Mode with be highlighted. Click on it, and the mode gets disabled. In addition, you may notice an airplane icon instead of Wi-Fi bars on your taskbar if the mode is on.

Method #3: Using the Action Center

You can also turn off flight mode from the Action center. In the Action Center, you see the app notifications and perform quick actions like turning on Bluetooth, taking a screenshot, disabling Offline Mode, etc.

To launch the action center, either click the “Message” icon on the bottom left of your taskbar or use the shortcut key, Windows + A.

You will find multiple icons on the Action Center; press the one with the airplane icon; it will turn off the Airplane Mode.

Method #4: Using the Windows Networking Settings

The Windows “Network and Internet” settings also let you disable Airplane Mode.

  1. Go to the Settings app using the shortcut keys, Window + I.
  2. Navigate to “Network & Internet” > “Airplane Mode”
  3. You will see a toggle under the Airplane Mode; swipe to turn it off

Most often, your laptop’s Airplane Mode would have turned off. However, if it doesn’t, you can check for driver updates and then use the Windows Network Troubleshooter to eliminate the issue.

Method #5: Using Troubleshooters

Sometimes, you will find that you cannot turn off the toggle under Airplane Mode; it is greyed out. 

In that case, you can use Windows’s in-built troubleshooter.

  1. Launch the Settings app with a key combination, Windows + I.
  2. Select “Update and Security”
  3. In the “Troubleshooting” tab, find “Internet Connections”. If you don’t find it, click on “Additional Troubleshooters”.
  4. Click “Internet Connections” > “Run the Troubleshooter”.

The troubleshooter will automatically look for problems in the system and notify you about the problems. If there isn’t any, it will mention after running.

Method #6: Restarting Your Laptop

After you fix the issue using a troubleshooter or the problem persists, restarting your laptop is always a good idea. Rebooting the computer mostly fixes the system issues. So, it is worth a try.

Wrapping Up

These are some ways you can use to get switch off Airplane Mode. The airplane button or Wi-Fi menu is easier to use and more comfortable; other ways are helpful too. 

After trying these methods, if you still face the problem of your laptop getting stuck in Airplane Mode, you should contact customer support for further help.

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