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If you are here because you are trying to learn how to turn off an AirPods Max, sorry to burst your bubble; you can’t turn it off manually. Apple does not integrate a power-off switch on the AirPods Max. However, this does not mean the AirPods Max will remain on forever. So, how do you turn off an AirPods Max headphone? 

Quick Answer

Under certain conditions, the AirPods Max headphone will automatically enter an ultra-power state. You can enable this automated power-down feature in two ways: one is to set the headphone down where you wouldn’t move them, and the second is to put them in the smart case

Apple didn’t integrate a power-off feature on the AirPods Max noise canceling feature to ensure one can quickly connect to it. And because the AirPods Max is always on, it makes it possible for the Find My feature to locate it quickly.

This article will elaborate more on how to turn off the AirPods Max. 

Methods To Turn Off Your AirPods Max Headphones Manually 

Turning off the AirPods Max is tricky since it does not feature a dedicated power button. Technically, you can’t turn off the AirPods Max headphones. However, to preserve the battery, Apple integrated the Low Power Mode

By triggering the Low Power Mode, you can manually put the AirPods Max in hibernation mode after a period. This means that when the AirPods Max is in Low Power Mode, it turns off Bluetooth and other features. Below, we elaborate on how each step works. 

Method #1: Using the Slim Smart Case 

The AirPods Max comes with a slim smart case that looks more like an over-the-shoulder boulder holder with a handbag-like handle. The smart case serves two functions: firstly, it protects the headphone from scratches and minor dents, and secondly, it puts the AirPods Max in a Low Power Mode

Putting the AirPods Max in its slim case is a great way to put it into hibernation mode, as it features a pair of magnets that lets it wrap around the AirPods Max and stay in place. It is also detectable by the AirPods Max. 

Here’s how the AirPods Max smart case puts the headphone in Low Power Mode.

  1. When you put the AirPods Max in a smart case, it will automatically go into the Low Power Mode.
  2. The AirPods Max features a case-detection sensor that detects the magnets in the case, thus allowing it to know when you put it into the smart case and goes into Low Power Mode. 
Keep in Mind

If the AirPods Max is left in the smart case for up to 18 hours, it enters the Lowest Power Mode, turning off the Find My and Bluetooth feature.

Method #2: Keeping the Headphone Idle 

There is another way to put the AirPods Max into hibernation mode, especially if you don’t have access to the smart case. For this method, you must keep the headphone idle for the period, and it will automatically enter the Low Power Mode. 

The AirPods Max features multiple sensors like the optical sensor, position sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope. So, when you keep it idle for a period, these sensors will detect how long it has been idle. 

Here’s how the AirPods Max goes into Low Power Mode by keeping it idle.

  1. When you keep the AirPods Max idle for an average of 5 minutes undisturbed throughout the period, it will automatically go into the Low Power Mode. 
  2. It quickly turns back on whenever you pick up or wear the AirPods Max. 
Keep in Mind

If you leave the AirPods Max idle for 72 hours outside the smart case, it enters the Lowest Power Mode, turning off the Bluetooth and the Find My feature.


Turning off the AirPods Max is quite tricky. The AirPods Max does not come with a dedicated power on/off button, so technically, you can’t turn it off or on. This feature is why you can easily connect to the AirPods Max headphone. But this workaround that puts the AirPods Max headphone in Low Power Mode helps conserve the battery life so you can get more listening hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do the different LED lights on the AirPods Max mean? 

The AirPods Max features two LED lights: amber and green. The LED light you see on the AirPods Max depends on what you are doing with it. When connected to power, the AirPods Max will have an amber LED indicating the battery is lower than 95%, but it will turn green when it is above 95%. But when not connected to power, the green light means the batter is above 15%, and amber means it is lower than 15%

Can you force AirPods Max to the Low Power Mode faster without the case? 

Yes, you can force the AirPods Max to a lower power mode faster without the case. To do this, you need a pair of magnets. Since the AirPods Max can detect it is in the smart case due to the magnet, you can place the pair of magnets near the AirPods Max, and it will detect it and enter the Low Power Mode. 

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