How To Turn Off Auto Caps on iPhone

How To Turn Off Auto Caps On Iphone 1

Have you ever been annoyed at your iPhone randomly capitalizing words or just making sure each sentence is capitalized to the brim? If so, chances are that you have auto caps enabled on your phone, which is leading to this conundrum.

Quick Answer

To turn off auto caps on your iPhone, head to your Settings > General > Keyboard. Once there, scroll down till you see Auto Capitalization and disable it. For good measure, turn off auto correct too.

This article will explore what auto caps is and how you can disable it alongside a brief overview of how you can circumvent this problem on third-party keyboards as well.

What Is Auto Caps on iPhone?

Auto caps on iPhone capitalizes the first word in a sentence automatically. It also takes into account the semantics of a particular paragraph and capitalizes words after a period. Currently, this option only applies to the English language and a few others depending on the semantics. 

Why Turn Off Auto Caps on iPhone?

It can be quite annoying to have every sentence capitalized before you type it out. In some cases, it might come off a bit too formal and apprehensive. In other cases, you might have the habit of typing primarily in lowercase and do not want to have every sentence capitalize automatically.

Plus, if you are like us and like to format your texts in a certain manner, having auto caps turned on can completely ruin your style of typing. Moreover, it is quite hard to contextualize and understand the tonality of sentences already. So, since capitalizing your letter gives off a more formal touch, it might lead to relaying the wrong message.


Turning off auto caps is not the same as turning off auto correct. So, proper nouns liketoyota” will be auto-corrected to “Toyota” instead. So, you might want to turn off auto-correct, too, so nothing is ever capitalized again.

Therefore, for all those reasons, it makes sense why you’d want auto caps turned off on your iPhone. 

Why Does My iPhone Keep Auto Capitalizing Names?

As mentioned earlier, turning off auto caps does not change auto-correct. So, if you want to make sure that proper nouns – like names – are not capitalized, you’ll also need to disable auto-correct.

However, this remains a common bug too in Apple’s iOS. Sometimes, even when both these options are disabled, you’ll still have some names being capitalized periodically. While there doesn’t seem to be an official fix yet, a quick restart or repeatedly enabling and disabling auto caps and auto-correct seems to fix it temporarily.

But, this remains an unresolved bug that, for some, Apple hasn’t had the foresight of fixing just yet. However, some users have reported that the later public beta versions of iOS 15 have seemingly gotten rid of this problem.

Turning Off Auto Caps on Your iPhone

If you are using Apple’s default keyboard, turning off auto caps only requires a few taps and is a relatively straightforward process. After doing so, the start of your sentences and paragraphs will not be capitalized unless they consist of proper nouns.

Here’s how you can turn off auto caps on your iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings application on your iPhone.
  2. Once opened, swipe down and head to “General.
  3. Now find the “Keyboard” option and tap on it.
  4. Swipe down to “All Keyboards” and disable “Auto Capitalization.
    Image 35

If you want to turn off auto caps for a specific language, instead of disabling the option for “All Keyboards,” scroll down and head to the language where you wish to disable the function and do that instead. 

Can I Turn Off Auto Caps on Third-Party Keyboards?

Contrary to popular belief, Apple allows you to download, install and use third-party keyboards on an iPhone. However, there are a plethora of options available, with each having a multitude of different options.

While we can’t cover every application, here’s how you can turn off auto caps on some notable third-party keyboards that are installable on the iPhone:


  1. Open the Gboard application on your iPhone.
  2. Now, tap on “Keyboard Settings.
  3. Scroll down till you find “Auto Capitalization” and turn it off.
    Image 36


  1. Open the Swiftkey application on your iPhone.
  2. Now, head to “Settings” at the top of your screen.
  3. Once there, turn off “Auto Capitalization.”


Turning off auto caps is a necessity for anyone who doesn’t like to sound very formal when communicating with their peers and friends. 

With that said, you might need to turn off auto correct alongside auto caps to make sure that none of your words don’t turn up in caps unless you need them to.

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