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How To Turn Off Discord Notifications on a PC

Discord On Pc

While Discord notification is a useful feature, the truth is that it can be very distracting, especially when you are trying to focus on work or some other stuff. Thankfully, there are different ways to turn off Discord notifications. So, how do you go about it? 


To turn off the Discord notifications on your PC, right-click on the conversation and mute it for a period of between 15 minutes and until you turn it back on. You have the option to mute notifications for specific users, specific channels, and specific servers or to disable all notifications and sounds from the app.   

If Discord notification is distracting you, a smart move is to turn it off. But note that when you turn off notifications for a channel, you will not receive an alert of unread messages. Continue reading this article to learn how to turn off Discord notifications on your PC.  

Different Methods To Turn Off Discord Notification

If you are using the Discord app on your Windows PC, you can turn off notification messages using one of the following methods. 

Method #1: For a Specific User

There are two ways to go about it when there is a specific user on Discord you don’t want to receive notifications from anymore. The first option is to block the user; this will stop you from receiving notifications, including when they @mention you, and hide every message they send you on any server you share. 

If you don’t want to block the user, you can mute the user’s notification for a set period. When you mute the user, you will still receive messages and so on from the user, but you will not get a pop-up notification alerting you when you have an unread message or notification from the user. 

Here’s how to turn it off for a specific user: 

  1. Launch the Discord app and navigate to your private message section. 
  2. In the right sidebar, right-click on the user you want to turn off their notification. 
  3. From the drop-down menu, select “Mute” and choose how long you want to keep them muted. 

To block a user, go to their profile, right-click on their username, and then select “Block.”

Method #2: For Specific Channels

Is there a particular channel you joined that endlessly blows up? Undoubtedly, having your PC constantly alert you of a notification with the pop-up screen can be very distracting. You can also mute notifications from channels in two ways; the first is to mute a specific single channel, while the second is to mute notifications for multiple channels. 

When you mute Discord notifications for channels, you will still get the red dot alert on Discord when someone @ mentions you, but you will get that distracting pop-up notification. 

Here’s how to turn it off for a specific channel: 

  1. Find and open the channel you want to mute. 
  2. Right-click over the channel name from the list of options, select Mute channel and then choose how long you want to keep the channel muted. 

You can turn off notifications for multiple channels by navigating to Notification Settings > Notification Overrides, then select the channels you want to mute and click on “Done.”

Method #3: For Specific Server

When you want to mute multiple channels, all of which are on the same server, rather than muting each channel, you can simply mute the server in such a case. When you mute a server, it mutes every channel in it. Think of it as killing multiple birds with one stone. 

When you mute a server when someone @mentions you, you will still get the red notification next to it, but you will not get that pop-up notification on your PC.  

Here’s how to turn it off for specific servers: 

  1. Right-click on the server name you want to mute. 
  2. From the list of options, select “Mute Server” and then choose how long you want to keep the channel muted. 

Method #4: All Discord Notification Sound

If you want an option that turns off all Discord notifications, this option is right for you. When you activate this feature, it automatically disables all alerts and messaging notifiers from Discord. So, when a user sends you a message or gets a notification from a channel, you will not get any alert. 

Here’s how to turn off all notifications: 

  1. Launch the Discord app and navigate to “Settings.”
  2. Select “Notifications” from the options. 
  3. Find the option “Enable Desktop Notification” and toggle the switch “OFF,” which will deactivate all sounds and alerts from the app. 


If you are an avid Discord user, you shouldn’t let notifications from the app be a distraction to you. You can turn it off when you see fit. And with the option to turn off notifications for a set time makes it more convenient to mute the app. So, take advantage of the feature to stay focused, and it will unmute automatically when the time you set it to remain mute has elapsed. 

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