How To Turn Off Find My iPhone on a Child’s Phone

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Find My iPhone is an easy-to-use and convenient app for worried parents who want to check up on their children. However, many parents don’t know how to turn off Find My iPhone on their children’s phones.

Quick Answer

To turn off Find My iPhone, go to “Settings” on your child’s phone, tap their name, and select “Find My”. Next, tap “Find My iPhone” and tap the toggle next to the off position. Enter the Apple ID password when prompted to complete the process. 

To make things easy for you, we prepared a comprehensive guide on how to turn off Find My iPhone on your child’s phone. We will also discuss tracking your child’s location using the app.

What Is Find My?

In 2019, Apple consolidated Find My iPhone and Find My Friends and introduced a new app with a different icon called Find My with iOS 13. The new app allows users to track their friends with whom they share their location and locate their Apple devices and other compatible third-party devices.

With each iOS update, Apple continues to add more features to the app, improve it, and make it better than before. In iOS 15, you can track your iPhone using the Find My app even after it has been powered off or erased. 

Turning Off Find My iPhone on Your Child’s Phone

If you are wondering how to turn off Find My iPhone on your child’s phone, our comprehensive step-by-step method will help you accomplish your task quickly.

Step #1: Open Settings

In the first step, unlock your child’s iPhone, swipe left to access the App Library, and tap the Settings app. When the app is launched, tap your child’s name, scroll down, and select “Find My”.

Image 130

Step #2: Turn Off Find My iPhone 

Under the “Find My” screen, tap “Find My iPhone” and move the toggle next to it to the off position. You will be prompted to enter the Apple ID password to turn off Find My iPhone and complete the process.  

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All Set!

Once you turn off Find My iPhone, you will no longer be able to locate your child’s iPhone from the Find My app or the iCloud website.

How To Keep Track of Your Child’s Location Using Find My

To keep track of your child’s location using the Find My app, use these easy-to-follow steps below.

Step #1: Set Up Family Sharing

To track your child’s location, open the Settings app on your child’s iPhone, tap their name, and tap “Family Sharing”

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Quick Tip

If the iPhone is not currently sharing the location, follow these steps to enable it.

Tap Settings > your name > “Family Sharing” > “Location Sharing”. Then, toggle on “Share My Location”.

Step #2: Share Your Location 

Select “Add Member” in the second step and tap “Invite People”. Add yourself to the list, and you will receive a notification that your child is sharing his location with you on your Apple device. You can then choose to share your location with your child as well. 

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In this guide on how to turn off Find My iPhone on my child’s phone, we explored a way to disable the feature on your kid’s iOS device. We also discussed keeping track of your child’s location using the app.

Hopefully, after going over this guide, you found what you were looking for, and now you can quickly disable location tracking on your child’s device. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does turning off Find My iPhone hide my location?

Turning off “Share My Location” and “Find My iPhone” on your phone prevents people from tracking your location and seeing your whereabouts. However, in case you lose your phone or if it gets stolen, you will not be able to locate it.

Can I turn off Find My iPhone without a password?

No, you cannot turn off Find My iPhone without a password. To do so, try resetting your Apple ID password. To reset it, go to Settings > your name > “Password & Security” > “Change Password”. Enter your iPhone’s passcode when prompted, type in the new password twice, and tap “Save”.

Can I turn on Find My iPhone remotely?

Like “Location Services”, you cannot remotely turn on Find My iPhone. You would need your device to enable the feature in iCloud physically. 

How do I track my iPhone from someone else’s phone?

To locate your misplaced iPhone, you can use the Find My app on an Apple device owned by someone else in your Family Sharing group. Not only can you see the device’s location on a map, but you can also play a sound to help you find it.

Can I link multiple Apple devices to the Find My app?

You can link multiple devices like Apple Watch, AirPods, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and iPod Touch to the Find My app using the same Apple ID. The location of each device will be tracked individually, and you can switch between different devices on the app.

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