How To Turn Off Mock Locations on Android

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A mock location is a developer tool that enables you to provide your phone or device with a random GPS location. Usually, developers use mock locations for app testing; however, you can use the feature for several other tasks.

Quick Answer

You can turn off mock locations on your Android by accessing the “Developer Options” in the phone’s “Settings” menu and disabling the “Allow Mock Locations” option as a developer.

We’ve compiled a short step-by-step guide to help you quickly and effortlessly get an accurate pinpoint of your location and turn off the mock locations on your Android smartphone.

Why Should I Turn Off Mock Locations?

GPS on an Android phone is an emulator rather than a physical GPS.

If you’re done testing the system, modifying the device’s real-time location for GPS apps, or don’t want to generate fake data anymore, you may want to turn off the mock locations to send the accurate location to the phone’s GPS.

Disabling Mock Locations on Android

It is not as difficult as it seems to disable the mock locations feature on an Android phone. However, instead of playing with your phone and messing up its settings, our step-by-step directions will save you time and ensure that you complete the troubleshooting without any difficulty.

Here are the two most effective methods for turning off the mock locations on an Android phone.

Method #1: Hiding Mock Locations Through Developer Options

In the first method, you will navigate to “Developer Options” and try to turn off the mock location form there.

Step #1: Access About Phone or Device Option

Access the “Settings” on your Android phone. Under “Settings,” scroll down and tap the “About Phone” option.


On some Android devices, you may need to tap on the “Phone Name” in “Settings” to access the complete phone details.

Step #2: Enable Developer Options

Once you are in the “About Phone” menu, you will see your phone’s build number. Depending on the phone, tap on the build number seven or more times to enable the developer options.


On a few Android devices, you may need to enable the developer options in Settings > System before being a developer.

Step #3: Turn Off Mock Locations

Now that you are a developer, head back to the “Developer Options” and tap “Allow Mock Locations” or “Select Mock Locations.” Now you can turn off the mock locations by switching the slider to the off position.


Since the developer options are available for development and testing, changes may affect the phone’s performance and constancy.

Method #2: Hiding Mock Locations With an App

If you don’t want to play with enabling or disabling the mock locations under your phone’s settings, you can unhide them with the help of an app. First, enable the developer options on your phone, as mentioned in the first method.

Next, install the Xposed Framework app from the Play Store. Launch the app and turn on the “Hide Mock Locations” option. Dive into the “Hide Mock Locations” menu. Now select the apps from which you wish to hide or unhide your location. Finally, restart your phone for the changes to take effect.


If the above methods don’t work for you, seek professional help from a reputable phone repair shop or contact the authorized manufacturer of your Android phone. 


In this guide about turning off the mock locations in Android, we’ve discussed why you should consider sending the original location to the phone’s GPS. We’ve also addressed a couple of quick troubleshooting methods to remedy the mock location issue.

Hopefully, the procedure outlined in this guidance was successful for you, and you can now see that there is no mock location configured.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable mock locations on Android?

To enable mock locations, go to the Android “Settings,” then select “About Phone/Device.” Next, scroll down to locate the build number. Now, tap on the build number seven times to view the newly added “Developer Options.” There will be a list of several developer settings; find and enable “Allow Mock Locations.”

If there is no option for “About Phone” on your Android, go to “Settings,” find the “Software Information” option and redo the above steps.

How do I turn off mock locations on my iPhone?

To turn off mock locations on an iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations. Now turn on the location services. Alternatively, scroll down, navigate to the “History” section, and tap “Clear History.”

Can I fake a location on Google Maps?

Yes, you can fake your location on Google Maps by downloading and installing Android location spoofing apps from the built-in Google Play Store.

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