How To Turn Off RTT on iPhone

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Real-time text (RTT) is an advanced communication feature incorporated in smartphones to assist users with speech and hearing difficulties by transmitting audio as you type text. If you don’t need to use it, but it’s enabled on your iPhone, you should turn it off and make and receive regular calls. So, how do you do that? 

Quick Answer

Taking RTT off your iPhone is easy, and it’s a matter of a few clicks. Just open the Settings app on your iPhone, and you’ll find the RTT/TTY feature in the phone’s “Accessibility” settings. You can disable the software by shifting the toggle to off from here. 

We’ll explain this in detail below. Continue reading and learn how to remove RTT on your iPhone in seconds.   

3 Steps To Take RTT off Your iPhone

The RTT feature is critical in ensuring a smooth conversation between iPhone users with speech and hearing impairments. You can make a regular call with or without the RTT mode, but you can turn the RTT mode off if you don’t need it. 

Removing the RTT off your iPhone is straightforward, and it’s a matter of three easy steps we’ve explained below. Take a look.

Step #1: Open the Accessibility Screen in Settings

From your iPhone’s Home Screen, find and tap the Settings app. Scroll down and choose the “Accessibility” option. Alternatively, you can access this setting from the App Library or follow the path Settings > “General” and select “Accessibility“. 

Step #2: Choose RTT/TTY and Turn the Switch Off

Scroll down and tap the “RTT” option under the “Hearing” section. If your iPhone doesn’t have RTT, tap the “RTT/TTY” option. Under the RTT/TTY screen, you’ll see the “Software RTT” option at the top and “Software TTY” below. 

Move the Software RTT toggle to on. If your iPhone doesn’t have the Software RTT, you’ll find the “Software RTT/TTY” instead. Tap to move the toggle off, and turn off the Software TTY too. The switch is on when the color is green and off when gray


TTY stands for Teletype as defined on the Apple website. Like RTT, this feature is designed to assist mobile phone users with hearing and speech impairments by sending texts via a telephone line. RTT is advanced as it transmits audio as you type (mentioned above). Smartphones running the latest operating systems come with the RTT/TTY feature and don’t require additional equipment, and the feature is disabled by default

Step #3: Exit the Screen

Congratulations, you’ve successfully turned RTT off your iPhone. You can now exit the screen and call and text the usual way. 


As you’ve realized, turning RTT off your iPhone is very straightforward. We’ve discussed three steps in our article on how to turn RTT off iPhone above. To start, open the Settings app and choose the “Accessibility” option. 

Scroll down and choose the “RTT/TTY” option under the “Hearing” section. From here, you can turn the “Software RTT” to off with a single tap.

We’ve also mentioned that your iPhone might not have the “Software RTT” but “Software RTT/TTY” instead. Just move the switch to off; the switch is green when the software is on and gray when off. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is RTT on my iPhone?

RTT stands for real-time text. It’s one of the protocols that facilitate a smooth conversation through the phone between people with hearing and speech difficulties. This advanced software is designed to transmit audio as the sender types texts, enabling the recipient to get the message well. 

In other words, the feature allows a conversation text through a phone call. Therefore, RTT is incorporated deliberately into your iPhone operating system as an accessibility feature.  

What is the difference between RTT (real-time text) and TTY (Teletype)?

As the name suggests, RTT characters are transmitted in real-time with voice simultaneously, allowing a smooth conversation flow between the phone users. On the contrary, TTY requires phone users to send texts one after the other. 

RTT is available on both iOS and Android devices running the latest operating systems. The feature doesn’t require any specialized equipment. 

How do I turn TTY off on my iPhone?

Start by opening the Settings app from your iPhone’s home screen. Scroll down and choose the “Accessibility” option; scroll down to the “Hearing” section and select the “RTT/TTY” option. Tap the “Software TTY” below the “Software RTT” to turn the switch off. Software TTY is off when the switch is gray.  

How do I turn RTT off on my iPhone 13?

Tap the Settings app on your iPhone 13. Scroll down and select the “Accessibility” option. Tap “RTT/TTY” in the “Hearing” section. Tap to move the “Software RTT/TTY” to off. That’s it! 

Should I leave TTY on or off?

Turning TTY mode off is good if you no longer need it since leaving it on can affect the normal working of some features of your phone.

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