How To Turn Off Security Code on iPhone

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Are you tired of entering the security code each time you want to use your iPhone? Do you want to turn off your passcode but don’t know how to go through the process quickly? Well, no need to worry; you can easily do this by playing with a few settings on your iPhone.    

Quick Answer

To turn off the security code on your iPhone, tap “Settings” and tap “Touch ID & Passcode” or “Face ID & Passcode.” Enter the password you currently use and tap “Turn Password Off.”

The security code protects the data on iPhone and restricts its usage by unauthorized persons. However, you can turn off the security code in different situations for ease of access.

We have designed a thorough and well-elaborated guide for you on how to turn off the security code on your iPhone. We have also discussed a method for setting up a passcode and changing passcode settings.

Turning Off Security Code on iPhone

If you don’t know how to turn off the security code on your iPhone, our step-by-step method will help you do this task with little to no effort.


If you turn off the security code on your iPhone, the Touch and Face ID will also be disabled. In this case, someone can very easily access the contents of your phone. 

Step #1: Opening Passcode Menu

Go to the Settings app and tap the “Face ID & Passcode” option to open the passcode menu. If you have an older iPhone model, you need to tap the “Touch ID & Passcode” option to access the passcode menu.

Step #2: Accessing Turn Passcode Off Menu

On the next screen, type in your current password. Now scroll a little and tap “Turn Passcode Off.”

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Step #3: Turning Off Security Code on iPhone

In the last step, you will see a warning box that will ask you to confirm whether to turn off the security code or not. Tap “Turn Off.”  

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You have successfully turned off the security code on your iPhone.

Setting Up a Passcode on iPhone

If your iPhone supports Touch ID or Face ID, you can use fingerprint and face recognition to unlock your phone. Follow these steps to set up a passcode on your iPhone this way.

  1. Access your iPhone Home screen and tap on the Settings app. 
  2. If your iPhone has a physical Home button, tap the “Touch ID and Passcode” option.
  3. If you have a newer iPhone, tap the “Face ID and Passcode” option. 
  4. Tap “Turn Passcode On.”
  5. Enter the desired password and confirm your action.

If you forgot the security password of your iPhone, you could use the Recovery mode to reset the password and use the phone again.

Changing Passcode Settings

There are different options available in the passcode settings. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • “Turn Passcode Off” disables the security code.
  • “Change Passcode” enables you to use a customized passcode with numbers and/or alphabets.
  • Using the “Allow Access when Locked” feature permits access to different mobile apps while the iPhone is still locked, like notifications and missed calls.
  • “Erase Data” will remove all the data after you fail ten times to unlock your phone.

How To Take the Passcode off Your iPhone if You Forgot It

If you have forgotten the security password of your iPhone, you can recover it with iTunes with these steps. 

  1. Install iTunes on your computer and use a compatible cable to connect it with your iPhone. 
  2. Turn off the iPhone, put it in Recovery mode, and connect again with the computer. 
  3. Trace your iPhone on iTunes and select the “Restore” option. 
  4. The computer will download software to begin the restoration process. 
  5. Once it’s complete, unplug the iPhone and set it up again for use. 

You can also trace your iPhone using the Finder (Find My) app. The recovery mode will erase all the data; however, it can be recovered from iCloud afterwards.


In this guide on turning off the security code on iPhone, we have looked into a brief and simple process of removing the passcode on both new and old models. We have also explored setting up the passcode and changing its settings. However, if you forgot your security code, we’ve included a workaround for that as well. 

Hopefully, this method has worked for you, and you have successfully removed the security code on your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I turn off my passcode lock on my iPhone?

If the Turn Passcode off option is greyed out on your iPhone, go to “Settings,” tap “General, and select “Profiles and Device management. If a configuration profile appears on the screen, select and delete it. Enter the security code for confirmation. Now, the “Turn Password Off” option will be enabled on your device.

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