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How To Turn Off Slow Mode on Discord

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Discord has many sophisticated features, including Slow Mode, designed to restrict members from sending messages too fast. However, this feature is a controversial one – some users like it while some hate it. So, you wish to know how to turn off the Slow Mode on Discord if you’re one of those who hate it or you don’t want it for now. 

Quick Answer

There are two methods to disable the Slow Mode on Discord. The steps in each method vary slightly based on the device you’re using, but in general, you need to open the Discord app, right-click or press and hold the name of the channel where the Slow Mode feature is activated. Next, choose “Edit Channel” from the menu; drag the Slow Mode slider to “OFF” and “Save Changes”. It’s that simple!

We’ll explain these two methods in a step-by-step manner below. We assure you that you’ll know how to turn the Slow Mode off whether you’re using a mobile or computer by the end of this article. 

How To Know if Slow Mode Is Turned On

You can disable the Slow Mode on Discord even when another user has turned it on if you have permission to do that. Before we discuss the methods of how to disable it, you should know how to tell if the feature is on or not?

Generally, you’ll see a notification and be restricted from sending a message on a Discord channel if the Slow Mode is turned on. For example, if you’re using Discord on a computer, you’ll see a notification saying “Slow Mode is enabled”, and a timer when you try to send a message. Similarly, you’ll see the same message and a timer on the Chatbox on mobile reminding you that the Discord Slow Mode is active.   

Two Methods to Turn Off Slow Mode on Discord

Method #1: Turn Off Slow Mode on Discord Using Mobile

Waiting for a certain period to send your message on a Discord channel can be quite annoying. But, you don’t have to put up with this any longer. Here are the steps to disable the Slow Mode on Discord using a mobile phone:

  1. Launch the Discord app on your device.
  2. Tap on the icon with three horizontal lines on the top-left section of your screen. 
    Alternatively, you can swipe from the left to the right edge of your screen, and a menu will appear.
  3. Press and hold (long press) at the top of the name of the channel where you wish to disable the Slow Mode feature.
  4. You’ll see a new menu appear. From this menu, choose the “Edit Channel” option.
  5. That should take you to the “Channel Settings” page. Now scroll down on this page until you see the “Slow Mode Cooldown” section. 
  6. Swap the Slow Mode slider to the extreme left to turn the feature “OFF”.
  7. Finally, click the “Save” button that appears like a floppy disc. 

Method #2: Turn Off Slow Mode on Discord Using the Computer

Open the Discord app on your computer device and sign in to your account.

  1. Right-click the channel name where the Slow Mode is enabled.
  2. Click on the “Cog Wheel” next to the channel name and choose the “Edit Channel” option from the menu.
  3. Go to “Slow Mode” under “Overview” and drag the slider/bar to “OFF”.
  4. Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of your screen. 

The Slow Mode feature should be off after following the above steps. Now send your messages as fast as you like; no more waiting!


That was our article on how to turn off Slow Mode on Discord. We’ve explained how to know if the Slow Mode feature is active. Next, we described two methods to disable the feature on Discord – Method #1, using a mobile phone, and Method #2, using a computer.

Each method involves opening the Discord App, logging in to your account, and following a few simple steps. Finish the process by dragging the Slow Mode slider to “OFF” and clicking the “Save” button. We hope you’ve turned off the feature successfully on your device, and now you can send messages without waiting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the point of Slow Mode?

The Discord Slow Mode feature helps limit the speed at which users can send messages. The feature works by setting a limit between comments. 

Who can enable Slow Mode on Discord?

All users with the “Manage Messages” or “Manage Channel” option on Discord can enable the Slow Mode feature. Server owners and admins have permission to activate Slow Mode by default. Find more information about Discord channel permissions here.

Who’s immune to the Discord Slow Mode setting?

The Slow Mode feature doesn’t apply to server owners and administrators. Members with “Manage Messages” or “Manage Channel” permission, in general, are also immune to this setting.

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