How To Turn Off the Sleep Schedule on iPhone

How To Turn Off The Sleep Schedule On Iphone

Sleeping later than usual can prolong our average wake time. In such a situation, any regular occurring alarm we have set beforehand has to be turned off.

If it isn’t turned off, it may affect our sleep this time around and leave us grumpy for the rest of the day.

Quick Answer

To turn off your sleep schedule on your iPhone, go to the browser icon on your Health app and click “Sleep”. Afterward, you tap “Your Schedule” > “Full Schedule & Options”.

This article will break down the different ways to turn off your sleep schedule. It will also show you the various sleep alarm settings available on your Health app.

How To Turn Off the Sleep Schedule on iPhone

The sleep schedule is located in your Health app. Not only that, but it also contains the feature to turn off or schedule wake alarms.

If you turn off sleep schedules, all wake-up alarms are also turned off automatically. Here is how to turn off the sleep schedule on your iPhone.

  1. Go to “Browse” at the bottom right of your Health app.
    Image 81
  2.  Tap  “Sleep”.
    Image 82
  3. Under “Your Schedule”, click “Full Schedule & Options”.
    Image 83
  4. Turn off the “Sleep Schedule” button.
    Image 84

You can always go back to turn the sleep schedule on later. If you set your regular alarm in your clock app, you should go to the clock app to turn it off.

How To Delete a Sleep Schedule

Follow these steps to delete a sleep schedule with its alarm.

  1. Tap “Browse” at the bottom right.
  2. Click “Sleep”.
  3. Under “Your Schedule”, click “Full Schedule & Options”.
  4. Select the schedule you want to remove and tap “Edit”.
    Image 85
  5. Click “Delete Schedule”. You will find it at the bottom of the screen.
    Image 86
  6. Click “Done”.

How To Permanently Turn Off the Sleep Schedule Alarm

You can turn off the sleep alarm if you want to keep your sleep schedule data without deleting it.

Here is how to permanently turn off the sleep schedule alarm.

  1. Go to “Browse” > “Sleep”.
  2. Under “Your Schedule”, tap “Full Schedule & Options”.
  3. Click “Edit” for the sleep schedule you want to turn off permanently.
  4. Toggle off “Wake Up Alarm”.
    Image 87
  5. Hit “Done”.

The sleep schedules you do not delete will remain active.

How To Turn Off Your Next Sleep-Scheduled Alarm

In a situation you set your alarm to repeat daily, you can turn off any incoming alarm for the next day. However, impending scheduled alarms after the one you turned off won’t get affected.

Here are the steps to turn off only the impending sleep alarm.

  1. On your Health app, click “Browse” > “Sleep”.
  2. Scroll down to “Your Schedule” and tap “Full Schedule & Options” > “Edit”.
  3. Under “Days Active”, tap the day you don’t want the alarm to ring.
    Image 88
  4. Click “Done”.

What Is a Sleep Schedule?

The Health app has sleep schedules to help you achieve your sleep goals and improve your overall health. You can set times for taking a nap during the day, going to bed, and waking up.

There are also multiple schedules you can make on the app. For instance, you can develop plans for weekdays or weekends.

Here are the schedules you can set.

Sleep Focus

Like the name, setting this alarm lets you sleep without distractions. In sleep focus mode, notifications from phone calls, messages, and apps are disabled.

When someone calls you, sleep focus lets them know you are unavailable. The lock screen also changes to a sleep focus screen in this mode.

Nevertheless, you can still set the sleep focus and bring notifications from the apps you allow. To set it, open “Settings” > “Focus” > “Sleep”. Then, put your notification preferences.


Just like the name also, wind-down helps you to relax and have a nap time. This wind-down setting is handy for me.

For instance, if you like to read or listen to music before sleeping, you can choose the wind-down setting.

Immediately after the wind-down mode, the sleep focus begins. You will see the wind-down feature on the “Focus” screen.

Wake-Up Alarms

Wake-up alarm mode allows the alarm tone to sound or play at the end of your scheduled sleep time.

You can set the alarm tones, vibrations, and snooze options in this mode. You can even let it have no alarm at all.


If you find it challenging to maintain a regular sleep pattern and know that a sleep schedule wouldn’t be a good option at that moment, you can turn it off.

This article describes how you can turn off your sleep schedule on your iPhone. Be checked out and give yourself the superb and uninterrupted sleep you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set the alarm from the Clock app?

To set the alarm from your Clock app, open the Clock app and tap “Alarm”. Next, tap the “+” button and set your desired alarm time. Finally, click “Save”.

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