How To Turn Off VPN on Android

Vpn On Android

Online privacy is becoming a significant concern to the everyday internet user. No one wants intrusive sites or applications to track their personal data, which is where a VPN comes in. VPN is an added layer of security to protect your personal information against internet intruders, but there might be instances where you would want to turn your VPN off.

Quick Answer

Open your Android Settings and go to the “Network and Internet” tab. Tap “Advanced Options” from the bottom of the list and select “VPN”. A list of all available VPNs will be displayed. Tap the connected VPN you want to turn off and select the “Disconnect” option to turn it off.

If, for some reason, you do not have this option on your Android device, we will discuss other methods to turn VPN off on Android devices. We will also look at some of the online threats a VPN can protect you from so that if you are not using one, you might start doing it.

Turn Off VPN on Android Devices

We recommend keeping your VPN running as long as your Android device is connected to the internet. Still, there are some scenarios where you will need to turn it off, such as when you need to troubleshoot network problems.


If you need to turn your VPN off for any reason, remember to turn it back on when you are done. Otherwise, you might expose yourself to malicious internet actors after your sensitive information.

Let’s look at different methods of turning VPNs off on Android devices.

Method #1: Turn VPN Off From Settings

The best method to disconnect a VPN or turn it off is via Settings.

Follow these steps to turn VPN off on Android devices.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select the “Network and Internet” tab.
  3. Scroll down and select the “VPN” tab or “More Network Settings” > “VPN”.
    • If you get a list of available VPNs, click the one connected and select the “Disconnect” option to turn it off.
    • If you get the option to toggle VPN on/off, click on it to turn VPN off.

You might also get a notification stating “VPN Disabled”, showing that VPN has been turned off on your device. 

Method #2: Turn VPN Off From the Notifications Panel

This is a fast way to turn your VPN off and can come in handy when you need to disable your VPN while actively browsing or using an internet-associated app.

Follow these steps to turn VPN Off from the Notifications Panel.

  1. While the VPN is on, swipe down on the home screen to open the Notifications Panel.
  2. Click the VPN service to see applicable actions and click “Stop”.

This is a quick method to disable VPN. Still, this option might not be available to you, depending on your notifications settings. If you have disabled all notifications for the VPN application, you will not be able to turn VPN off using this method.

Why Use a VPN

The main reason for using VPN is to protect your personal information. Below are some reasons why using a VPN might be a good idea for you.

Unlocking Region-Restricted Content

Most of us have come across the situation of wanting to stream a Netflix movie that is not available in our region. You might want to access services or websites only accessible from certain parts of the world. A simple and efficient way to avoid these problems is to use a VPN. VPN location spoofing allows you to change your virtual location to anywhere in the world and access content that might not be otherwise accessible from your location.

Protection of Financial Data

Smartphones have become personal assistants, and most people use online banking and fund transfer apps for online shopping, paying bills, etc. Hackers can exploit security flaws in these networks to track your sensitive information even though finance-related apps use their encryption to protect data. Using a VPN while entering sensitive information adds an extra layer of encryption to your sensitive data and enhances security. 

Avoid Tracking by Businesses

ISPs and services track your location and sell this demographic data to businesses for marketing services. You may not want these services to track you as these marketing tactics can sometimes get annoying. Also, services selling your data might leave you vulnerable to data leaks. You can avoid being tracked for demographic information by using a VPN.

Avoid Internet Restrictions

The internet is a free place that no one owns. But still, governments, organizations, and networks can sometimes opt to restrict services or data from people. Such as, some social sites are blocked in certain countries. Users from those countries can change their virtual location using a VPN and enjoy these blocked or restricted services.


This tutorial taught us how to disable a VPN via the Android setting and the Notifications Panel. Then we looked at some pros of using a VPN and why you might want to use on yourself.

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