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How To Turn Off WiFi Calling

Wifi Calling On Device

Over the last few years, “WiFi Calling” has taken the world by storm. Platforms such as Whatsapp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger have revolutionized communication. However, we all know that this ease of communication can have adverse effects sometimes. So if you are willing to cut yourself off from the cyber world, you can start doing it by turning off your “WiFi Calling”.

Quick Answer

There are a few ways you can turn off your “WiFi Calling” options. However, the easiest way is to turn off your device’s internet connection. In the events where turning off your internet connection isn’t an option for you, you can turn on the “Do Not Disturb” or mute notifications on your respective device. 

Now that you have a basic idea of how you can turn off your “WiFi Calling”, let us move toward the methods you will find necessary. So without further ado, here is how you can turn off your “WiFi Calling”.

Method #1: Turning Off Your WiFi

I think the title itself is pretty self-explanatory. For someone looking to get away from the internet and everyone, this is the fastest way to achieve it.

However, this method is a double-edged sword as you won’t be able to connect to the internet yourself. But if you are willing to take that trait, here is how you can turn off your WiFi.

  1. Go to your “Device Settings“.
  2. Search for “Wireless Connections” > “WiFi“.
  3. Turn Off the WiFi.
Wifi Settings Iphone

If you are not using your WiFi to connect to the internet, but instead you’re using your mobile data, you will need to turn it off. To turn off your mobile data, go to your “Settings“, navigate to “Mobile Data“, and turn it off.

Method #2: Turning On Do Not Disturb Mode

Now let’s say you want to use the internet but don’t want to receive any calls in the meantime. Well, dear reader, this method is for you. Whether a Mac, PC, or Android, any device has a “Do Not Disturb” mode integrated into its system. It helps its users to focus on whatever they are doing by muting the notifications.

If you are tired of attending online calls, you can turn on the “Do Not Disturb” mode by simply following these few steps:

  1. Go to your “Device Settings“.
  2. Search “Do Not Disturb”.
  3. Toggle on “Do Not Disturb.

A reminder that all the devices you use don’t have the same name for the “Do Not Disturb” function. For example, if you use Windows, “Do not Disturb” is called “Focus Assist“. Therefore, don’t be disheartened if you can’t find the option on your device under the same name. Once you turn on the “Do Not Disturb” mode, remember that you need to turn it off to receive notifications.


Don’t mistake the “Do Not Disturb” mode with your device’s “Airplane Mode“. Both modes seem similar at first, but the “Airplane Mode” ends up sending your phone in offline mode. It means you won’t be able to connect to any other device while it’s on.

Method #3: Turning Off Notifications

The first and second methods both allow you to turn off your WiFi Calling, but they don’t allow you to custom select the platforms you want to do that on. Almost all social networking apps out there let their users mute notifications. 

You won’t be turning off your notifications by turning off your “WiFi Calling”. Instead, you won’t be prompted with the call notification anymore. Go to your desired app and look for “Mute Notifications” inside its settings to turn off your notifications. It’s as simple as that!


Many of us sometimes get frustrated with people being able to call us on social platforms. Tell me about some acquaintances or relatives accidentally calling you but with whom you would rather not communicate! That is why there’s the “magical” function that lets you turn off “WiFi Calling” on your device.

We hope our quick guide for today got you covered for that issue. It will help you turn off your “WiFi Calling” and teach you how to turn off your message notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does “WiFi Calling” keep turning on?

Sometimes when you don’t have a strong WiFi connection, your WiFi tends to turn on and off, making your call reconnect again and again. To solve this issue, either get a better WiFi connection or try using your mobile data to place a call, as it can solve the reconnecting problem.

Should I turn off “WiFi Calling”?

Whether you should turn off your ” ” entirely depends on your situation. If your device is close to running out of battery, turning off your “WiFi Calling” is a good option as it extends your battery life. However, if you have enough battery in your device, keeping it on is always a good idea as you can miss important calls.

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