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How To Turn On Apple Mouse

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Do you have a new Apple mouse and are wondering how to turn it on? Apple Magic Mouse comes with a new Mac device, but many users have little knowledge of how to turn it on. To connect your Apple mouse device to a Mac, you must learn how to turn it on properly. 

Quick Answer

Turning on an Apple mouse is the same for every model. To do this, flip the mouse over and slide the switch on the bottom of the device. After sliding the switch, ensure that the green LED is visible, then connect it with your Mac. 

The process of turning on the Apple Magic Mouse is quite simple. If you’re having trouble turning on your Apple mouse, the steps in this guide will help you turn it on without hassle. 

About Apple Magic Mouse 

Apple Magic Mouse is a wireless mouse with all the features of a conventional computer mouse. The wireless connectivity of this input device works via Bluetooth. With this feature, the Apple mouse can be connected to Mac devices like MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. 

If you have a new Apple Magic Mouse, you need to get your Mac to recognize it before it can be used. This process involves setting up the device and turning it on. Doing this will enable the device to connect with your Mac automatically. Thereby getting the Apple mouse ready for use. 

The beauty of the Apple Magic Mouse is that it is not only useful for Mac devices. You can even connect it to your iPhone or iPad. It is a Bluetooth mouse that stands out in the market. 

Without further ado, we will take a quick look at how to turn on the Apple Magic Mouse. 

How To Turn On Apple Mouse 

Turning on an Apple mouse goes beyond sliding the switch on the device. If you have a new Apple Magic Mouse, you can turn it on by following this step-by-step guide. 

Step #1: Check the Apple Mouse Battery

The first step you need to carry out is to confirm if your mouse’s battery is good and fully charged. There’s no point trying to power on an Apple mouse with a flat or bad battery. 

Locate the charging port and charge the battery for a few minutes with the lightning cable. 

Once you confirm that the battery is in good working condition, you can move to the next step. 

Step #2: Check the “ON/OFF” Switch On the Device

Now, flip the mouse over to check the positioning of the “ON/OFF” switch. 

You have to ensure the switch is in the “On” position. You can determine this by checking if the switch is showing green. If it’s showing green, it means it is on. If not, slide it to the “On” side

Step #3: Enable Bluetooth Connection on Your Mac

Once you’ve confirmed that your Apple mouse battery is good and it’s discoverable, you should check if the Bluetooth on your Mac is turned on. So, go ahead to enable Bluetooth. 

Power on your Mac, choose the “Apple” menu, then go to “System Preference”. From “System Preference”, click “Bluetooth” to power it on. You can also restart your Mac to activate Bluetooth for the first time. 

Step #4: Select and Connect Your Apple Mouse

Once you enable the Bluetooth connection, go ahead to select the specific Apple mouse in the device list. On the Apple mouse selection, click “Connect”. This will automatically connect your specific Apple mouse to your Mac. It’s that simple. 

Step #5: Plug Your Apple Mouse Into Your Mac With a Lightning Cable

Finally, you can turn on your Apple mouse for use by connecting it directly to your Mac with a lighting cable. Connect the USB end to your Mac and the charging end to your Apple mouse. 

This will automatically connect your Apple mouse wirelessly with your Mac.  


If your Apple mouse doesn’t turn on, you will do well to follow these steps:

1) Check the battery compartment.
2) Clean the metal contact on the battery.
3) Refresh the AA battery connection with the mouse.
4) If the battery is bad, you will have to replace the battery.
5) In the case of a built-in battery, charge it for a few minutes.

The purpose of this is to ensure the battery of your Apple mouse is in good condition. 

Check this Apple user guide link for more information: https://support.apple.com/en-ng/guide/mac-help/mchlp2656/mac


For everyone who gets an Apple mouse for the first time, the challenge of turning it on can be overwhelming. So, new users are constantly searching for guides that will show them how to turn on the device. As daunting as the task might seem, it is a simple and fast process to carry out. 

An Apple mouse has either a power button or an “ON/OFF” switch on the device. To turn it on, you should switch to the on position or press the button until the green LED shows. 

Once your Apple Magic Mouse is on, you can connect it wirelessly to your Mac. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I reconnect the Apple mouse to my Mac?

In a situation where you have once connected an Apple mouse to your Mac, you might need to reconnect it to make it work. So, to reconnect the Apple Magic Mouse, you must ensure it is turned on. Then, click the mouse and wait a moment for it to connect. 

How can I check the battery level of an Apple mouse? 

You can easily check the battery level of an Apple mouse at any time. Go to the menu bar and click Bluetooth to open the page where you’ll see the battery percentage. The battery level percentage will only display if the Apple mouse is turned on and connected to your Mac. 

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