How To Turn Up the Bass on iPhone

Bass On Iphone

One of the best ways to optimize your music-listening experience is to increase the bassline – and understandably so since the bass is what gives a song the oomph. This is particularly true for genres like electronic/dance, rap, and rock, where the bass is one of the most important components. Luckily, it’s easy to increase the bass on your iPhone.

Quick Answer

To turn up the bass on iPhone, go to Settings > “Music”> “Audio” section. Here, tap “EQ” to bring up a list of preset equalizer options. Then, tap “Increase Bass” to turn it up. However, if you listen to music on Spotify and want to increase the bass, you’ll have to use the app’s equalizer instead of changing it from the phone’s settings. 

Increasing the bass on Apple Music on your iPhone is very easy. Here’s all you need to know. 

Adjusting the Bass Response and Why It’s Important

Your iPhone’s stock music settings are set up to ensure music clarity and sound balance. Most people like it and don’t play around with the settings to find how they can enhance their music-listening experience. And that’s completely fine.

But when we talk about audiophiles, the story is completely different; they’re always looking for ways to get more out of their listening experience, especially when using external speakers or headphones. This is why Apple has included equalizer settings on the iPhone that allow you to tune your audio. This way, you can have a much better listening experience when watching videos or playing songs. 

And while there are many sound settings that you can pick from, you should focus on bass-related equalizer settings. This way, you can turn down the treble and turn up the boom. 

How To Turn Up the Bass on iPhone

Turning up the bass on your iPhone is a straightforward process. But before you start, we recommend you open the Music app and put on some songs. Listening to the normal audio of the song first before adjusting the bass settings will help you differentiate the output in real-time once you adjust the bass. If you don’t have music running in the background, it’ll be trickier to determine the ideal equalizer setting. 

So, once you have a song playing from the Music app, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Open up the Settings app on the iPhone.
  2. Scroll down in the app and tap “Music”.
  3. In the “Audio” section, tap “EQ” (which stands for equalizer).
  4. You’ll now see a list of options for various music genres. To turn up the bass, tap “Increase Bass”.

If you have some music running in the background, you’ll be able to notice the difference in sound immediately. This is because this bass setting emphasizes the boom more and less the treble. Of course, with this setting, the bass doesn’t get louder. Instead, it becomes more noticeable since the setting better isolates it from higher tones.

How To Turn Up the Bass on Third-Party Apps on iPhone

Apple’s built-in equalizer that you can access from the Settings can only change the bass of the songs you play only in Apple Music. If you listen to songs on a streaming service like Spotify, the only way to adjust the bass settings for those songs is to use the app’s equalizer to adjust the audio output. 

Similarly, if you prefer listening to radio stations or playing songs stored on your drive, you can’t adjust the app using the iPhone’s default Music app. In this case, the only thing you can do is use a third-party EQ app. There are numerous such apps available on the App Store, and you can try out different ones before settling on one that you like.


The ability to turn up the bass is essential for audiophiles, and the good news is that it’s now possible to do so using iPhone’s built-in equalizer. And if you don’t like the output once you increase the bass, you can also try out the different audio options until you find the best one!

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