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How To Unblock Netflix on a School Computer


Do you want to watch Netflix at school but cannot access it? Fortunately, there is a way you can unblock the streaming service without much effort.

Quick Answer

Follow these steps to unblock Netflix on a school computer.

1. Open any web browser, and search for a VPN
2. Download the VPN and follow the on-screen prompts to install it on your school computer. 
3. Create a new account, sign in to the VPN, and select a less crowded server.
4. Open the web browser and access the Netflix website

To simplify things, we have written a comprehensive guide on how to unblock Netflix on a computer with different methods in a simple manner.

Unblocking Netflix on a School Computer

If you don’t know how to unblock Netflix on a school computer, our following 3 step-by-step methods will help you complete this task quickly.

Method #1: Using a VPN

A quick way to access Netflix on your school computer is to install and use a VPN in the following way.

  1. Open any web browser of your choice, and search for a VPN
  2. Download the VPN and follow the on-screen prompts to install it on your school computer.
  3. Create a new account, sign in to the VPN, and select a less crowded server.
Image 617
All Done!

Open the web browser and access the Netflix website now. Log in to your Netflix or create another account to stream your favorite shows on your school computer.

Method #2: Using a URL Shortener

If your school computer’s website blocker is weak, you may be able to use a URL shortener to unblock Netflix with the following steps.

  1. Launch any web browser on your school’s computer.
  2. Open the Netflix website and copy its URL from the address bar. 
  3. Go to TinyURL, and paste the link into the given field.
  4. Click “Make TinyURL!”.
  5. Copy the TinyURL from the field and paste it into a new tab on your browser.
Image 618
That’s It!

Hit the “Enter” key, and you should be able to access the Netflix website on your school computer. 

Method #3: Using Google Cached Pages

You may not be able to view the Netflix website on your school computer due to their policy, but you can still try to access its cached version by following these steps.

  1. Launch Google Chrome on your school computer.
  2. Search for the Netflix website.
  3. Select the three dots or the arrow next to the Netflix website URL in the results.
  4. Select “Cached” from the options to access the Netflix website.
Image 619
Keep in Mind

This method may only work if a cached version of Netflix is available on your school computer.

Method #4: Powerwashing the School Computer

To access Netflix and all of the blocked websites on your school computer, you can powerwash or reset it with the following steps.

  1. Click the Windows icon on your screen and click Settings.
  2. Open “Advanced” and click “Reset Settings”.
  3. Click “Powerwash” and then “Reset”.
  4. Choose “Restart” and wait for your computer to start up.
  5. On the pop-up screen, click “Powerwash” and “Continue”.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your school computer.
All Set!

You should be able to access the Netflix website on your school computer now.

Is Netflix Not Working on Your Computer?

Are you having trouble using the Netflix website on your computer? You can fix it easily with our 2 commonly used step-by-step methods. 

Fix #1: Update Your Windows

If you don’t update your computer often, its performance may start getting affected, which may cause a few compatibility issues while using Netflix. Use the following steps to update your Windows to its latest OS. 

  1. Open Settings on your computer by pressing the Windows + I keys.
  2. Select “Update & Security”.
  3. Select “Windows Update”.
  4. Click “Download and install”.
  5. Once downloaded, install the updates on your computer.
Image 621
All Done!

The Netflix website should start working on your computer now. 

Fix #2: Reinstall the Graphics Driver

One of the most likely reasons for Netflix not working on your computer is the faulty graphics driver. You can use the following steps to reinstall them easily. 

Step #1: Open the Device Manager

To open the Device Manager, press the Windows + R keys on the keyboard to open the Run command, type “devmgmt.msc” in the field, and hit Enter

Step #2: Uninstall the Drivers

In the Device Manager window, expand “Display adapters”. Right-click the “Graphic adapter” on your computer, and choose “Uninstall”

Image 622

Step #3: Reinstall the Drivers

To reinstall the graphics drivers, press the Windows icon on the taskbar to open the Start menu, click the power icon, and select “Restart”.

As your computer restarts, it will automatically start searching for the missing drivers and reinstall them. 

That’s It!

Access the Netflix website, and it should start working correctly.


In this guide, we have discussed how to unblock Netflix on a school computer using a VPN, URL shortener, Google cached pages, and powerwashing the computer to its factory settings. We have also discussed troubleshooting Netflix website access and streaming issues.

Hopefully, now you’ll be able to stream your desired content at school without restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix know I’m using a VPN?

Netflix restricts VPN usage for its subscribers because it cannot determine whether a VPN is being utilized for illegal purposes or not. However, using a VPN to access Netflix is not prohibited by law.

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