How To Unblock Someone on Android

How To Unblock Someone On Android 1

If you keep getting calls or text messages from an annoying contact, a logical option is to block the contact. When you block a contact on your Android device, the contact will not be able to contact you via calls or text messages. However, the question now is, how do you unblock someone on an Android device? 

Quick Answer

To unlock a contact, head to the Phone app, navigate to Settings, and tap “Unblock Contact”. However, the steps may vary slightly depending on your Android device. 

When you unblock a contact, you can start receiving messages and calls from the contact. Note that if a contact in your blocked list tries to send you an SMS or calls you in the past, there will be no record of it even after you unblock their contact. 

This article will enlighten you on the steps to take to unblock someone on an Android device. 

Steps on How To Unblock Someone on Android 

If you use an Android device with Android version 6.0 or later, you can use this step-by-step guide to learn how to unblock a contact. You must first locate the number to unblock a contact on your Android. This guide will elaborate more on the steps to take to achieve everything about unblocking a contact on Android. 

Step #1: Open the Phone app 

You do it from the phone app when you want to block or unblock a contact. So, launch the phone app on your Android; it is the app with a green icon and a telephone in it. You will often find the phone app on the home screen of your Android. If you don’t see the phone app on the home screen, swipe down from your home screen, and in the search dialog, type Phone and tap on the first app that pops up on the result page. 

Step #2: Navigate to the Settings menu 

In the Phone app, you want to navigate to the Settings menu. To achieve this, tap on the three dots at the top-right corner of your screen. These three dots are referred to as the menu button; a list of options appears when you tap this button from a drop-down setting. 

Step #3: Click Blocked Numbers 

In the Settings menu, tap on the option blocked numbers. In this menu, you will see the option to block calls from unidentified callers and a list of all the numbers you have blocked.  

Step #4: Tap the “X” to unblock the number 

Find the contact you want to unblock, and beside it, tap the “X” button to unblock it. You will get a pop-up message asking you to confirm that you want to unblock the contact. Tap “Unblock”, and this will unblock the contact. You can repeat the procedure for other contacts you would like to unblock. 

Keep in Mind

You can block unknown contacts if you don’t like receiving calls or texts from contacts not saved on your Android. Launching the Phones app, navigate to menu > Settings > “Blocked Contacts”, and then toggle the switch on for the option “Blocked Calls From Unidentified Sources”.

In summary, blocking contacts on your Android device lets you choose who gets to call and text you. So, block those numbers you want to stop from contacting you. If you later change your mind about blocking any contact, you can always head to the Phone app to unblock the contact. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will someone know I block their contact? 

When you block someone on your device, the person you block will not get a notification that you blocked them. However, when a contact you blocked calls your number, it will always give a report that you are unavailable or busy. While this is no concrete proof that you block their contact, it could give them a hint. But overall, someone you block their contact wouldn’t know you did. 

Can I unblock my contact on someone else’s phone? 

When someone blocks your contact, there is no way you can unblock yourself without having access to the other device. The only way to unblock your number from the other phones’ blocked list is to physically access and remove the other device. Apart from that, there is no way you can unblock your contact from someone else’s phone remotely.  

How do I unblock a contact on an iPhone? 

If you blocked someone on an iPhone, unblocking the contact is also straightforward. To do it, head to the Settings app, navigate to the phone> Blocked contact, and swipe any contact you want to unlock to remove it from the blocked list. 

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