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How To Unfollow on the Twitch App

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Are you tired of seeing your Twitch Dashboard flooded with content you’re not interested in anymore and would like to clear it up by unfollowing streamers? Fortunately, you can easily resolve this problem with some workarounds.

Quick Answer

To unfollow people on the Twitch App, launch the app and tap “Following”. Under the “Live Channels” tab, select the streamer you want to unfollow and tap the heart icon.

To help you out, we have taken the time to write a short step-by-step guide on how to unfollow on the Twitch App.

Why Would You Unfollow People on Twitch?

From being annoyed by multiple notifications to not getting a follow back in a follow-for-follow streak, there could be multiple reasons why you might choose to unfollow certain Twitch streamers.

Reason #1: Unappealing Content

The most common reason for unfollowing people on Twitch is when you no longer connect with their content. Watching them on Twitch becomes more of a chore than a pastime, so you may prefer to watch other streamers instead.

Reason #2: Rise of Controversies 

Perhaps your favorite streamer was involved in a controversy you don’t want to be a part of, so you decided to unfollow them. They may have said something offensive that contradicts your beliefs.

Reason #3: Wrong Streaming Time

Sometimes, unfollowing a streamer on Twitch can be like ripping off a bandaid. No matter how much you like them, it may become inevitable for you to unfollow them because their stream times do not match your schedule

Unfollowing on the Twitch App

If you’re struggling with how to unfollow on the Twitch app, our following 2 step-by-step methods will help you go through this process without much effort!

Method #1: Unfollowing Online Streamers

Follow these steps to unfollow online streamers using the Twitch app on your smartphone.

  1. Launch Twitch. 
  2. Tap “Following”. 
  3. Under “Live Channels”, tap the streamer you want to unfollow.
  4. Once their channel loads, tap the heart icon.
    Image 32
  5. Tap “Unfollow” to confirm your decision.

Method #2: Unfollowing Offline Streamers

You can also unfollow offline streamers on the Twitch App with the following steps.

  1. Launch the Twitch app and tap “Following” from the bottom bar.
  2. Scroll down to “Your Offline Channels”.
    Image 33
  3. Tap the channel you want to unfollow.
  4. Tap the heart icon and select “Unfollow” to confirm your decision.

Unfollowing on the Twitch Website

If your Twitch account details are saved on your computer, you can unfollow live streamers with these steps.

  1. Open a web browser and head to the Twitch TV website.
  2. Click “Following” on the top-left corner to access your following list.
  3. Select the streamer you want to unfollow under “Live Channels”.
  4. Click the heart icon under their live stream to unfollow.
  5. Click “Yes, unfollow”.
Image 34

Do these steps to unfollow offline streamers on the Twitch website.

  1. Access the Twitch TV website from a web browser.
  2. Select “Following”.
  3. Choose the “Channels” tab to see a list of streamers you follow.
  4. Drag the cursor to a streamer’s channel and click the heart icon.
    Image 35
  5. Click “Yes, unfollow”. 


In this guide, we’ve discussed how to unfollow the Twitch app and the Twitch TV website. We have also discussed multiple reasons to declutter your following list.

Hopefully, your question is answered, and you can now distance yourself from the content of those streamers you’re not interested in anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my followers on Twitch?

To view your followers on Twitch, open a web browser on your mobile/PC and go to the Twitch TV website. Log in with your credentials and tap the profile icon in the right corner. Select “Creator Dashboard”, go to “Community”, and choose “Followers List”.

Is it possible to view others’ followers on Twitch?

Unfortunately, viewing followers on the official Twitch platforms is impossible. However, you can use third-party platforms to do so. To view others’ followers on Twitch, open a web browser and search for the “Twitch Followers Tool”. Enter the person’s username and select “Show Followers”.

Do streamers get paid on Twitch?

Some Twitch streamers make fortunes out of their streams by showing ads. For each view on an ad, streamers earn about $3.50, which can add up to millions if they have a large following. 

Additionally, their followers can pay them through the Tips Cheers features on the Twitch platform. 

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