How To Unlock Sprint iPhone

How To Unlock Sprint Iphone

There are a couple of reasons you might need to unlock your Sprint iPhone to operate with another wireless carrier’s network; maybe you want to switch from Sprint to another network. You might also be planning to travel to a country where the Sprint network isn’t supported. Whatever your reason, it’s good to know how to unlock a Sprint iPhone. 

Quick Answer

There are two methods of unlocking a Sprint iPhone. One is through Sprint customer support, and the other method is through a third-party unlocking service. Both ways are reliable as long as you meet the conditions for unlocking. 

We explain these two steps below and highlight the conditions when your Sprint iPhone qualifies for unlocking.

2 Methods To Unlock a Sprint iPhone

You’ll most likely see the message, “The SIM card installed in this iPhone isn’t supported under activation policy,” if you try to use another SIM card on your Sprint iPhone without first unlocking it. In other words, you must first unlock the device if you want it to work with other wireless carriers’ networks. 

Use one of the following methods to unlock your iPhone if you don’t want to continue using the Sprint network or are traveling to a country where the network isn’t supported.

Method #1: Unlock Through the Sprint Support

Follow the steps below to employ the help of Sprint Support to unlock your iPhone.

  1. Ensure your iPhone passes the eligibility requirements.
  2. Go to Settings > “General” > “About” to check your iPhone model’s launch date.
    • All models launched after February 2015 are eligible for unlocking.
    • If Apple released your iPhone model before February 2015, contact customer support to confirm eligibility.
  3. Call Sprint customer support for the unlock instructions. Prepare your IMEI and Sprint account information.
    • Call 1-844-665-6327 for domestic unlocking.
    • Call 1-888-226-7212 to unlock your iPhone for international use.

Sprint will send you instructions on how to unlock your iPhone, and the process can take a few days to several weeks to complete. Once you receive the guide, follow them thoroughly to unlock your phone successfully.

Method #2: Use a Third-Party Unlocking Service

You can also use a third-party phone unlocking service such as to unlock your Sprint iPhone. This method is reliable, and you can get your iPhone unlocked in five simple steps.

  1. Fill out the unlock form with your iPhone’s details.
  2. Wait for the third-party service to process your request.
  3. The service will send the unlock instructions to your email.

Follow the how-to-unlock instructions emailed to you to unlock your Sprint iPhone. After successfully unlocking your iPhone, you’ll be free to use any wireless carrier’s network like T-Mobile, Vodafone, and other GSM carriers worldwide. 


SIM unlockers won’t help you if your Sprint iPhone has been reported lost or stolen (blacklisted). Before contacting unlockers, check your phone’s blacklist status through an IMEI checker. There are many IMEI checkers, so ensure you choose a suitable one to get an accurate report.


Unlocking your Sprint iPhone doesn’t need to give you a headache. We’ve discussed two reliable methods to do so above. One is to call Sprint support and request for unlocking if your iPhone is eligible. The other method involves using a third-party phone unlocking service. 

We’ve also learned that third-party phone unlockers will only help you if your iPhone’s blacklist status is clean. You must first check the blacklist status of your iPhone using a suitable IMEI checker before contacting one of them. 

We hope that your Sprint iPhone qualifies for unlocking and that you’ll unlock it using one of the above methods. 

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