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How To Update the TikTok App

Tiktok App

There are regular updates made on the TikTok app by developers. These updates come with new features and bug fixes. The updates also come with security improvements. Hence, it is good not to miss out on these new features by updating the app.

Quick Answer

A simple way to update the TikTok app is to go to your smartphone app store and search for TikTok using the search bar. If there are any available updates, you will see the update icon. Tap on the icon to download the latest version.

This article has been well-researched and covers all areas of updating the TikTok app, including on Apple and Android smartphones.

How To Update the TikTok App

You can update the TikTok app and other apps on your smartphone through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

This update is available either as an automatic update or a manual update. See below for how to update the TikTok app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android smartphone.

On an iPhone

For updating TikTok on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices, you will use the App Store to update it manually. Your account profile in the App Store will bring out the list of devices available for updates.

Below, you will find ways to update the TikTok app manually and automatically on Apple devices.

Manually Updating TikTok

Here is how to manually update TikTok on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

  1. Go to your App Store and click your profile picture in the top right corner.
    Image 72
  2. Pull down your screen to refresh the page and know the update’s status.
    Image 131
  4. If TikTok appears under “UPCOMING AUTOMATIC UPDATES”, click the “UPDATE” button to install the new version on your iPhone.
Quick Tip

A faster way to update the TikTok app manually involves typing “TikTok” on the App Store search bar. If there is any new TikTok version, the “UPDATE” button will appear.

Automatically Updating TikTok

Automatic updates allow TikTok and other apps to update their self.

Here is how to enable automatic updates on iPhone.

  1. Go to your Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and select the “App Store”.
    Image 74
  3. Scroll down and turn on “Apps and App Updates”.
    Image 75

On an Android Device

For Android phones, you use the Google play store for the TikTok app. The same applies to other apps as well.

Manually Updating TikTok

Here is how to update TikTok manually on an Android device.

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap your profile icon.
    Image 76
  3. Tap “Manage apps & device”.
    Image 77
  4. Tap “Updates available”.
    Image 132
  5. Scroll down and see if there are any available updates for TikTok. If there are any, click “Update”.
    Image 78

Automatically Updating TikTok

You should follow the steps below to enable automatic updates for TikTok on an Android phone.

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap your profile icon.
  3. Tap “Settings”.
    Image 133
  4. Tap “Network preferences”.
    Image 79
  5. Click “Auto-update apps”.
  6. Select “Over Wi-Fi only” or “Over any network” according to your preference.
  7. Click “Done”.
Keep in Mind

Not only will TikTok automatically update itself, but other apps whose updates are available will also update themselves.

Why Is My TikTok App Not Updating?

You most likely can’t update TikTok on your Android or iPhone because of a poor internet connection. Hence, check if your device still has a Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection. And if it does, check if the network is strong enough to download or update the app.

Here are other steps to fix a TikTok app that fails to download or update.

  • Inspect your automatic update settings to see if it was set for update “Over Wi-Fi only” or “Over any network”. If you are using the wrong network, switch to the correct network.
  • Insufficient storage space prevents apps from downloading or updating. Hence, clear or create more storage space on your phone.
  • Switch off and restart your phone to clear up app logs and cache files taking RAM spaces.

How Do I Know if My TikTok App Is Outdated?

Usually, you will know that your TikTok app is outdated when it frequently crashes or fails or takes a long time to upload videos.

Also, when you see new emojis, sounds, filters, and stickers on your friend’s TikTok that you don’t have, your TikTok is likely outdated.

What Is the Latest Version of TikTok?

There is no specific version of TikTok’s latest version as they update it on average every 3 to 4 months. As of September 2022, the latest TikTok version for the iOS device is version 25.9.0 and for Android devices is version 26.0.3.


When app developers release a new version of TikTok, it comes with improved TikTok features. These new features provide a better experience for watching, sharing, and editing videos.

As illustrated in this article, a way not to miss out on these new features is to update the latest version on your smartphone.

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