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How To Update YouTube on a Samsung Smart TV

Youtube App

Samsung Smart TVs allow users to easily access their favorite entertainment platform with several fantastic apps. At the same time, some apps come preloaded on your Samsung TV, such as YouTube, which requires you to update it repeatedly. So, how do you update YouTube on your Samsung TV? 

Quick Answer

To update YouTube on your Samsung Smart TV, you need to have a Samsung account and then head to the app store to get an update. You can either update the YouTube app manually or set it to update automatically

It’s important to note that updating apps on your smart TV is always a good idea, especially when an update is available. Even if it is your smart TV operating system, you should update it. When apps or your smart TV OS get outdated and not updated, you can experience glitches and annoying bugs.

Let’s look at the different ways to update YouTube below.  

Updating the YouTube App on a Samsung Smart TV 

Before we get into the steps to take to update the apps on your Samsung Smart TV, including the YouTube app, you should take note of the year and model of your Samsung TV and the version of the menu or Smart Hub. This is essential because different models of the Samsung Smart TV have slightly different ways of navigating its menu. 

This guide will look at the two main ways you can update the YouTube app on the new version of the Samsung Smart TV.  

Method #1: Manually Updating YouTube 

When an app is outdated on your Samsung Smart TV, updating it manually is the go-to response for most users. However, the first thing to do when you want to update the YouTube app on your Samsung Smart TV is to navigate to your TV app store

Here’s how to manually update the YouTube app on a Samsung Smart TV.

  1. Turn on your Samsung Smart TV, connect it to the internet, and press the “Home” button on the remote control. 
  2. Select “Apps” at the bottom left corner of the list of options on your screen.
  3. Tap on the search icon at the top right corner of your screen and type in the name of the app you want to update, in this case, “YouTube”, and then click “Done” to search. 
  4. Click on the app, and when the window opens with its information, and if there is an update available, there will be an option that says “Update”; select it, and the app will be updated. 
Quick Tip

If you have an older model of Samsung Smart TV, sign into your Samsung account and then press the Smart Hub button, and apps that can be updated will be indicated with a small white arrow in a blue circle.

Method #2: Automatically Updating YouTube 

Your Samsung Smart TV comes with a feature that automatically updates the app by itself whenever new software is available for such an app. The advantage of enabling this feature is that you do not have to keep track of whether there is an update available or not. Provided your smart TV is connected to the internet, it will constantly search for an update. And if an update is available, it will download and install the update automatically. 

Here’s how to automatically update the YouTube app on a Samsung Smart TV.

  1. Turn on your Samsung Smart TV, connect it to the internet, and press the “Home” or “Smart Hub” button on your remote control. 
  2. From the list of options in the menu, tap on “Apps”
  3. Click on “My Apps”> “Options” from the following menu. 
  4. Turn on “Auto Update”; the next time there is a YouTube update, it will automatically be updated on your Samsung Smart TV. 
Keep in Mind

Enabling auto-update apps is great, but the downside of using them is that it increases your data usage; the next time you load Smart Hub, there will be a little delay before you can access it.


Ensuring that all apps on your Samsung Smart TV, only the YouTube app, are up to date is great as it assures you that everything is working accordingly. So, if you are experiencing any issues with using the YouTube app, such as frequent crashes, or lags, you should check if there is an update for the app. If there is an update, you should proceed to download, install the update, and then reboot your smart TV. This trick applies to other built-in apps you downloaded on your Samsung Smart TV.

However, if you experience any issues after doing all this, don’t hesitate to contact Samsung customer support for further assistance. 

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