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How To Upload HD Videos to Facebook with Android

Facebook App Settings

Are you struggling to upload an HD video to your “Facebook” app on an Android device? Does your media quality remain poor no matter how hard you try? Fortunately, multiple methods can help improve the uploading quality.

Quick Answer

To upload HD videos to “Facebook” on your Android device, launch the “Facebook” app and tap on the menu icon. Next, navigate to “Settings & Privacy” > “Settings” > “Preferences” > “Media” and check the box in front of the “Optimized” option. Also, use a Stable Wi-Fi connection instead of cellular data for high-definition videos.  

We have written a comprehensive guide explaining the reasons for poor “Facebook” video Quality and discussing some methods on how to upload HD Videos to “Facebook” on your Android device.

Reasons for Poor HD Quality on Facebook

Some of the reasons for your videos to look bad on “Facebook” are as follows:

  1. “Facebook” might be compressing the size of videos.
  2. Poor internet connection.
  3. The cover video is too long.
  4. Low resolution.

Methods for Uploading HD Videos to Facebook Android

If you are wondering how to upload HD Videos to the “Facebook” Android app, our four step-by-step methods will assist you in performing this task without a lot of trouble.

Method #1: Using Facebook Settings

The simplest method of uploading HD Videos to “Facebook” is through “Facebook Settings”. To do this: 

  1. Open the “Facebook” app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the “Menu” icon from the top-right corner.
  3. Head to “Settings & Privacy” and choose “Settings”.
  4. Scroll down to the “Preferences” part and tap on “Media”.
  5. Tick the box in front of “Optimized for uploading HD video”.

You will now be able to upload high-quality videos on your “Facebook” Android app.

Method #2: Using HD Toggle

If your “Facebook” app is still the older version, follow the steps below to upload HD videos:

  1. Head to your device’s “Facebook” app and select the “Menu” icon.
    Image 366
  2. Navigate to “Settings and Privacy”> “Settings”.
    Image 367
  3. Scroll down and find “Media and Contacts”.  
    Image 369
  4. Turn on the “Upload Videos in HD” toggle on the “Media and Contacts” page for uploading high-quality video files to your “Facebook” app.
    Image 370

To upload HD quality Photos to your “Facebook”, toggle the Upload Photos in HD switch to the ON position.  

Method #3: Using Facebook Timeline

You can also upload high-quality videos using your “Facebook Timeline”. To do this:

  1. Open the “Facebook” app on your mobile and tap on the “What’s on your mind” section at the top of your “Facebook Feed”.
    Image 371
  2. Tap on the “Photo/Video” option.
    Image 372
  3. Select a Video from your phone gallery that you want to share and tap on “Done”.
  4. Hit the “Post” option.
  5. To ensure that your video is high-quality, use a Wi-Fi connection instead of cellular data and ensure the signals are strong.

Method #4: Using Handbrake

For uploading large videos on “Facebook” without losing their quality, you can compress them using “Handbrake”. Here is how:

Step #1: Installing Handbrake

First, download and install the “Handbrake” software on your PC. Open the application once the installation completes.

Step #2: Selecting File and Location

Click “File” under “Source Selection” on the left side and choose the video you want to compress. Tap on “Browse”, select the location where you want to save the compressed file, and give it a name.

Step #3: Deciding on All Technical Settings 

Next, choose MP4 under output settings, tap on “Fast1030p” from “Preset Drawer”, adjust the “Framerate,” and tick the “Constant Framerate” option for improved compatibility. Choose an “Average Bitrate” of 5,000 to 10,000 for high-quality, change anamorphic to none, modulus to 16, and tick the “Keep Aspect Ratio” option.

For “Audio”, choose “48 Samplerate” from the audio section and click on “Stereo for Mixdown”. Select 320 as your audio “Bitrate”.

Step #4: Finish Compressing and Upload Video to Facebook

Tap the “Start Encode” button and wait for the video to compress completely. Transfer the video to your Android device and upload the compressed video to your “Facebook” app. Go to the “Facebook” app and tap on the “What’s on your mind” section. Select “Photo/Video” and choose the video you have just compressed using “Handbrake”.

Image 441

Using “Handbrake”, you can upload HD Videos to your “Facebook” app without compromising on the quality.


In this guide on uploading HD videos to “Facebook”, we have looked into the reasons for the poor video quality on “Facebook”. We have also discussed multiple methods for posting high-quality video files to “Facebook” by modifying the “Settings” and using applications like “Handbrake”.

Hopefully, now you can improve the quality of videos you wish to share on your “Facebook” account. 

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