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How To Use a Headset Microphone on a PC

Headset Microphone With Laptop

As being remote is the default for most jobs today, headset mics have become a necessity. If like me, you had a similar issue when you were setting up the headset microphone on your PC, then you are in the right place. How do you use the mic on a PC?

Quick Answer

Using a headset mic isn’t just plug-and-play; some settings tweaks will be necessary to ensure they work properly. The answer to this depends on the type of system you are using. However, the solution to using a headset lies in the sound settings of your PC, be it a Windows or a Mac system. 

In this article, we will show you the step-by-step processes you will take on how to use a headset microphone on the window and Mac PC. While some work on default (the headset mic would work after it is connected to the PC), it is essential to know how to reset it when the settings change.     

How To Use a Headset Microphone on a Windows PC

Using a headset microphone on Windows PC is pretty straightforward. This section will show you three essential settings to know when you want to use a headset microphone on a PC. 

Method #1: Using the Device Properties

You can enable your headphone mic using the device properties.

Here’s how to use the PC microphone.

  1. Open Settings and click on “System”.
  2. Click on “Sound”; under “Input” and select “Device Properties”
  3. Ensure the microphone is set as default; if it isn’t, click to enable.
  4. Upon completing this step, your apps will not have access to the microphone. 

Method #2: Using the “Manage Sound Devices” Option

You can use these steps when you want to enable your headphone microphone using the manage sound device option.

Here’s how to manage the sound device on Windows PC.

  1. Open Settings and click on “System”.
  2. Click on “Sound”; select the “Manage Sound Devices” option under the “Input” option.
  3. Under the “Input Devices” section, select the microphone and select the mic.
  4. Click on the “Enable” button to disable or enable the device.

Method #3: Setting Your Headset As the Default Device

Sometimes, after you connect your system to the headset on a Windows system, the mic doesn’t work. Your PC doesn’t recognize it as the default input device. 

Here’s how to set the headset as the default device.

  1. Ensure your headsets and all their components are correctly connected.
  2. Click on the sound icon at the bottom of the screen and open the sound settings.
  3. Click to open the sound control panel.
  4. Select your headphone mic as your default input device on the control panel. 

If you are using audio apps, turn them off to prevent unnecessary interference in your system preferences for your audio devices.

How To Use a Headset Microphone on a Mac PC

If after you connect your headset to your Mac, your PC does not automatically detect it, try the following troubleshooting tips. 

  1. Click the Apple icon and go to System Preferences on the Apple menu.
  2. Click the sound icon to open the preferences menu.
  3. Open the “Output” tab and click your headset; it should display the name of your headset, adapter, or the audio connection to which the PC is connected.
  4. Open the “Input” tab and select your headset microphone next. 

If your headset mic is still not working after this, you can also consider trying any of these.

  • Go to app permissions and allow it to access your microphone.
  • Update the sound drivers of your PC.
  • Use the window troubleshooter to check what might be wrong. 
  • Try a different headset or try the same pair of headphones on another device.     

While older versions of the system come with two separate 3.5mm jacks for the microphone and earpiece, the newer ones come with just one. However, you can get a headset adapter if the latter is the case. If you use a Bluetooth headset, the port becomes unnecessary. Just make sure whichever you are using, the headset is connected correctly to the PC.


If, after connecting your headset to your PC (be it a wired or wireless headset), the headset microphone doesn’t work, you would need to switch on the sound output setting. If the problem persists after this, other options should be considered to correct it. The processes of how to change the setting for Windows and Mac PC were explained in this article.

Now that you can get your headset microphone to work correctly, you can go on online classes, calls, and game chat without bothering if we can hear you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I hear myself speaking?

Ideally, you are not meant to hear yourself as you speak. But when you record your voice, you should be able to hear yourself. If you still can’t hear yourself, try using another microphone. If the problem persists, the issue results from your PC, and you should have it checked out. 

Why does my microphone have a robotic sound?

A robotic-sounding microphone is commonly a power flow issue. You should also check that your PC has all the right drivers and is up to date. 

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