How To Use Autocorrect on iPhone

How To Use Autocorrect On Iphone

Have you ever tried to type fast only to make tons of mistakes that take a lot of time to correct? If that sounds like you, you need to enable autocorrect on your iPhone and let your phone handle the grunt work.

Quick Answer

To use autocorrect on iPhone, follow these steps:

1) Open your iPhone’s Settings.
2) Head to General > Keyboard.
3) Once there, turn on Auto-Correction.

With that said, there’s more than one way to help increase your typing speed and accuracy on the iPhone.

This article will explore all the ways you can increase your typing speed while also maintaining accuracy alongside how you can enable features like autocorrection on the iPhone.

What Is Autocorrect?

Autocorrect corrects text as you type it on your iPhone. It adheres to all the semantic rules of the language, including grammar and punctuation. However, it does not adhere to the logical context of a conversation. 

To better understand, while your iPhone will correct the spelling of “orange,” it will have no idea whether you meant to use the word as the color or the fruit. So, any sentence that might not make sense given the context will still be ignored.

Therefore, the Autocorrect on iPhone is quite a rudimentary feature, and it seems to be implemented that way on purpose by Apple. 

Why Use Autocorrect on iPhone?

Autocorrect helps you type faster and make significantly fewer mistakes. Typing on the phone is hardly accurate. When you want to type out something quickly, you’ll often make grammatical mistakes in your syntax that can easily be avoided if you use autocorrect.

Besides just making fewer mistakes, an added advantage of autocorrect is the increase in speed. Since all your mistakes will be corrected, you can notice a marginal improvement in how quickly you can type.

Turning On Auto-Correction on iPhone

First things foremost, autocorrect is enabled on your iPhone by default. So, if you’ve just factory reset your phone or have unboxed it recently, chances are that the option is enabled, and your language simply does not support the feature.

But, if you are positive, that isn’t the case, or if you’ve manually turned the option off at some point, no worries. Here’s how you can turn on autocorrect on your iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Now, head to “General.”
  3. Swipe down till you find “Keyboard.”
  4. Once there, tap on Autocorrection. You should now be seeing a green slider.
    Image 42

To check if autocorrect is successfully enabled, open the Notes application and try typing the word “aplez.” If it is corrected automatically to “apples,” then autocorrect is working! Otherwise, a reboot might be needed. 

Turning On Predictive Text on iPhone

If you’ve already turned on autocorrect, why not take the next step in increasing your typing speed and accuracy on your phone by turning on predictive text? When turned on, you will get suggestions on what to type next based on the context of the sentence.

While predictive text may seem quite erratic at first, it recognizes your patterns and improves every time. So, the more you type on your phone, the more accurate the algorithm gets. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where predictive text will be able to decipher entire sentences and type them out for you!


There are some particular ways predictive text analyzes what you might be typing next. For example, past conversations, writing style, and websites you have visited.

Here’s how you can enable predictive text on an iPhone:

  1. Open your keyboard on any application.
  2. Now, hold the smile Emoji.
  3. After doing so, head to “Keyboard Settings.”
  4. Now, scroll down and turn on “Predictive.”

Turning On Text Replacement

If you’ve already turned on all the options above, why not take your typing to the absolute fastest by turning on text replacement as well? With it, you’ll be able to have full phrases/sentences written with an abbreviation.

This feature is especially useful in the context of businesses wherein you might not have the time to respond to everyone but still want to push out a rather formal statement that does not seem rushed. 

Here’s how you can enable text replacement on your iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings application on your iPhone.
  2. Now, head to General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.
  3. Once there, tap the plus icon and enter your phrase and the abbreviation.
  4. After doing so, all you need to do is enter the abbreviated phrase on your keyboard, and it’ll automatically be replaced by the full form of that word.
    Image 43

You don’t always need to use abbreviations for the text replacement feature. In fact, you can abbreviate a phrase like “How are you” to just a single letter like “a,and the feature will still work. 


With all of the above-mentioned features turned on, you’ll now be typing faster than ever while making fewer mistakes and sounding much more formal. Generally, though, we recommend sticking to the default iOS keyboard when using autocorrect.

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