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How To Wear an Apple Watch on the Left Wrist

Apple Watch On Left Wrist

Apple Watch is an advanced and easy-to-use gadget for personal use. It has become an invaluable productivity gadget.

Like most smartwatches, the Apple Watch is configured for right-handed users, creating problems for left-handed users. But don’t fret! Apple Watches are designed so that you can wear them on either wrist. 

If you think you’ll have to go through extensive backup and setup processes to wear the Apple Watch on your left wrist, don’t worry. All you need to do is use the Watch app on your iPhone or directly do it with your Apple Watch via the settings app.

We will show you two methods to fix the orientation. Guess what? They hardly take five minutes!

Why Adjust the Orientation of Your Apple Watch

Let’s say you are not left-handed but favor wearing the watch on your left wrist. It is possible to wear a watch on either wrist, but the wrong wrist orientation will prevent various health-related functions—like taking ECG and the “Wake on Wrist Raise” feature—from working correctly

Other issues you might encounter while wearing the watch on the wrong wrist are possibly activating Siri. Due to the position of the Digital Crown, the volume gets out of control and becomes too loud or too quiet. Plus, wearing the watch on the wrong wrist means sacrificing your thumb because it isn’t suitable for swiping. However, with the watch on the left wrist, your thumbs will undoubtedly be saved from tiresome swiping.

Method #1: Changing the Orientation Using Your iPhone

If your phone is within reach, you can try this method to change the orientation and Digital Crown. The method here will allow you to easily switch your orientation and Digital Crown via your iPhone.

  1. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone. You can recognize it by its Watch logo. 
  2. Go to “General”> “Wrist Orientation”
  3. You will see options for switching “Wrist Orientation” and “Digital Crown”. Change the orientation by selecting “Left Wrist”.
  4. Change the Digital Crown by selecting “Digital Crown on the Left Side”

Viola! You can exit the Watch app now.

Method #2: Changing the Orientation Using Your Apple Watch

Is your iPhone out of reach? Or perhaps you want to switch the orientation of your siblings’ or friends’ Apple Watch? If yes, then this method will work for you.

  1. Go to the Settings app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Locate the “Digital Crown” option. Tap the Settings icon to change the orientation. 
  3. Tap “General” > “Orientation”
  4. Select “Orientation to Left”.
  5. Tap the “Digital Crown” orientation and switch it to “Left”
Keep in Mind

Remember to change the watch band into the correct position, depending on what band you use. An easy way to do so is to press the small release buttons on the bottom of your watch where the band connects. Then, simply turn it around and slide it back in to reattach.


And that’s a wrap! We’ve looked at the step-by-step methods of changing your Apple Watch orientation and Digital Crown to the left wrist. The simplest way is to use the Settings app for the Apple Watch or the Watch app if you’re using an iPhone. Also, don’t forget to change the band into the correct position!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which wrist is better for my Apple Watch?

The proper way to wear your Apple Watch is to wear it on your non-dominant hand, which is the left wrist for many people. However, for some individuals, it can be the right wrist. Hence, wearing the watch on your non-dominant hand seems the best option. Since the Apple Watch is configured in a way suitable for the right wrist, you can change the settings to suit the left wrist. 

Does it matter which arm I wear my Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch works properly whether you wear it on your left or right wrist. It works correctly as the screen rotates by itself when you change the position of the watch from one wrist to another. Make sure that the Digital Crown is on the side of the watch, nearest to the top of the wrist, to avoid any problems.

How will the Apple Watch work for left-handed people?

It will work for left-handed people the same way for right-handed. Right-handed people have their orientations and Digital Crown switched to the left wrist. Similarly, the people with the left hand as their dominating hand will wear the watch on their right wrist. Therefore, the settings for the orientation and Digital Crown will be changed to the right wrist.

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