Why is My iPhone Battery Symbol Yellow?

Why Is Iphone Battery Symbol Yellow

On the surface, an iPhone can seem like simply another smartphone, despite the differences in appearance between it and most Android phones. However, there are subtle layers beneath, with undefined statuses, such as a green battery symbol that suddenly turns yellow.

Quick Answer

A yellow status on your iPhone battery symbol isn’t a sign of catastrophe or that anything is wrong even, it simply means that your battery is low or charging.

If it turns red, you’ll know because the battery volume will be merely a sliver of its totality and, if you have the settings adjusted to show the percentage, it will be at 10% or less. At 20%, the battery symbol turns yellow.

You will also get a yellow battery if you place your iPhone in Low Battery mode, which is a setting that prolongs the life of your iPhone’s battery in between charges. 

What Does Low Power Mode Mean?

When your iPhone is in Low Power Mode, it affects several things which are considered to be middling to major drains on the battery.

  • Background app refreshing is turned off
  • Automated downloads
  • The auto-lock features default to 30-seconds
  • Automatic uploading of photos to iCloud stops
  • 5G speeds are unavailable
  • Reduced visual effects

Low Power Mode drops all of these tasks because many of them are recurring and automatic, becoming a drain on the battery that isn’t necessary. So long as Low Power Mode is on, your iPhone’s battery will last longer before it requires a recharge.

Of course, you can change it back from Low Power Mode any time that you want, although it isn’t advisable until you have charged it back up. 

  • Open Settings (Big gear app icon)
  • Select Battery
  • Toggle On/Off Low Power Mode

Your phone battery will turn green again, that is until it hits 10%; at which point it will turn red. If you enjoy the use of many of the automated systems listed above, there are a few options that you can take to give your iPhone a little more longevity.

Maintaining Your iPhone Battery

There are several default settings on your iPhone that are a serious drain on your battery. You want to turn them off unless you are actively using them for a reason, other than just allowing them to suck up battery and data in the background. 

Location Services

You don’t want to turn off all of your Location Service options because those services enhance your useability and your overall experience with your iPhone. However, you have to admit, this particular background service is probably one of the worst when it comes to battery drain.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Privacy
  3. Select Location Services
  4. Select Share My Location

Unless you enjoy sharing your location with your family, or unless you use it for one of your kid’s iPhones, you can safely turn this option off. At the bottom of the screen, past all of the locations using apps, you will find the Setting, “System Services.”

Select System Services and you will get a scrolling menu with all of the location-based services that Apple has defaulted to “on” in your iPhone. Go through this page and turn everything off with a few, notable exceptions:

  • Emergency Calls ; SOS: For obvious reasons, you want to keep this feature turned on in case you need to make that call. If you’re hurt and can’t use your phone, someone else will be able to pick it up and use it to make an emergency call for you.
  • Find My iPhone: You’ll want to keep this on in case you ever lose your iPhone and it is also tied into Apple AirTags, in case you use those. 
  • Routing and Traffic: You’ll want to keep this on in case you use your maps and navigation frequently.

Significant Locations is at the bottom of the list and you should select it, followed by turning everything off on the next screen. This is Apple’s way of tracking your every movement, from the parking lot of a grocery store, going to church, picking your kids up from school; everything. 

It’s the one option that is entirely focused on your exact location at all times. Apple uses it to determine your favorite location and if it has been on, you’ll probably notice that Apple even knows exactly where you work. Turn it off to save your battery and your privacy.

iPhone Analytics

iPhone analytics is a program that runs in the background, constantly sending Apple information about your iPhone’s workings, whether that is a software side of things or hardware. 

  1. Head back to Settings
  2. Scroll down and select Privacy
  3. Scroll down and select Analytics ; Improvements
  4. Toggle off Share iPhone and Watch Analytics
  5. Toggle off Analytics Data

Not only will it stop your iPhone data from being transmitted to Apple, but it will also add another layer of battery longevity to your iPhone. 

iPhone Apps

If you’re new to the Apple iPhone ecosphere, you may not realize that every app you open remains open in the background, even when you switch over to a new app or something else. 

Not only do they continue to run, but some of them crash, which means that a crashed app is still open in the background and a crashed app is a severe detriment to your battery. It’s also one of the reasons that your iPhone gets hot for no apparent reason. 

If your iPhone is built on facial recognition only, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and then to the right, as if you drawing an upside-down L. All of the apps that you currently have open will be stacked on the left side of the screen.

Simply go through each one, touch the open app, and swipe up towards the top of the screen to close the app out for good.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know why your battery turns yellow, you also know how to reverse it, use the Low Battery Mode, and get rid of all of the background junk that goes on “off-screen,” which seriously drains your battery. 

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