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LAN Topology Mapping Software for Ubuntu

Ubuntu 8

Network administrators often have to deal with complex and large networks. To manage these networks effectively, they need to understand their structure and layout. This is where LAN topology mapping software comes into play. In this article, we will explore some of the best LAN topology mapping software available for Ubuntu.

Quick Answer

LAN topology mapping software for Ubuntu includes OpenNMS, Cheops, OPManager, and EtherApe. These tools provide network administrators with the ability to discover and graphically represent network nodes, monitor network performance, and identify and resolve issues.


OpenNMS is a highly flexible and scalable network management application platform. It provides several features like automatic Layer-2 and Layer-3 link discovery, network and node discovery, service discovery, and more.


To install OpenNMS on Ubuntu, you can use the .deb package available on their website. The installation process is quite straightforward. Once installed, OpenNMS can start discovering your network and provide a graphical representation of the topology.


OpenNMS can automatically discover network services and nodes, and it can display the network topology graphically, which is a great help in understanding the network structure. It also provides performance data collection and event management, among other features.


Cheops is another network mapping solution that can discover and graphically display servers and network nodes. Although it’s an older tool and may no longer be under active development, it can still be useful for basic network mapping.


Cheops can be downloaded from their website and installed on Ubuntu. However, since it’s an older tool, you might encounter some compatibility issues with newer versions of Ubuntu.


Cheops provides a simple and clear graphical representation of your network. It’s a great tool for small to medium-sized networks.


OPManager is a commercial network management tool with a comprehensive feature set. It supports network mapping, availability and uptime monitoring, traffic and utilization monitoring, network device health monitoring, and more.


OPManager can run on Debian-based systems, including Ubuntu. You can download a free trial of OPManager from their website. The installation process is simple and well-documented.


OPManager provides a wide range of features. It can automatically discover and map your network, monitor network devices for availability and performance, and even provide alerts for network issues.


EtherApe is a graphical network monitor for Unix modeled after etherman. It displays network activity graphically. While it doesn’t provide exact cabling information, it can give you a visual representation of the network.


You can install EtherApe using the package manager in Ubuntu. The command to install EtherApe is:

sudo apt-get install etherape


EtherApe provides a real-time graphical representation of your network. It’s a great tool for monitoring network activity and identifying potential issues.


Understanding your network topology is crucial for effective network management. With the right LAN topology mapping software, you can visualize your network, monitor its performance, and quickly identify and resolve issues. Whether you choose OpenNMS, Cheops, OPManager, or EtherApe, you’ll be well-equipped to manage your network on Ubuntu.

Is LAN topology mapping software only useful for large networks?

No, LAN topology mapping software can be useful for networks of all sizes. It helps network administrators understand the structure and layout of the network, regardless of its size.

Can LAN topology mapping software automatically discover network devices?

Yes, most LAN topology mapping software can automatically discover network devices. They can scan the network and identify devices like routers, switches, and servers.

Can LAN topology mapping software provide real-time monitoring of network activity?

Yes, some LAN topology mapping software, like EtherApe, can provide real-time graphical representation of network activity. This allows network administrators to monitor the network and identify any anomalies or potential issues.

Is OPManager free to use?

OPManager is a commercial network management tool, and while they offer a free trial, the full version of OPManager is not free. It is a paid software with a comprehensive feature set.

Can LAN topology mapping software run on Ubuntu?

Yes, all the LAN topology mapping software mentioned in this article can run on Ubuntu. They are either available as .deb packages or can be installed using the package manager in Ubuntu.

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