One AirPod Louder Than the Other? Here’s The Fix!


As the trend of cellphones losing headphone jacks extends, the AirPods have become one of the most popular earbuds around. You might be using AirPods already and may have faced a problem regarding a sound imbalance in them.

Quick Answer

If one of your AirPods sounds louder than the other, you can fix it by resetting them, cleaning them, adjusting the audio volume balance, or restarting your phone.

AirPods also have a practical purpose. Their microphones are designed to filter background noises that allow your calls to be clearer. But if one of them starts to malfunction, you are left stranded and might try a few things that can harm your gadget.

So, we took the time to write a comprehensive guide that explains why the AirPods behave that way and what you can do to fix the issue quickly.  

Why Is My One AirPod Louder Than the Other?

AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds. If you are using them for too long, you can face the most common and irritating problem of AirPod users, and that is, one may sound louder than the other.

The issue can be caused by:

  • A software glitch in the device or AirPods.
  • Variable adjustment in the audio balance.
  • Presence of dirt or earwax on the speaker grills.
  • A problem with the connected device.
  • Malfunctioning AirPods hardware.

Fixing AirPods Sound Imbalance

The most enjoyable feature of AirPods is their sound quality. But if you are not getting the desired quality because your one AirPod sounds louder than the other, our step-by-step instructions will make the troubleshooting fun.

Later in the guide, we’ll also discuss replacing your earbuds if there is a hardware issue. So without any further ado, here are the four methods to fix the sound imbalance problem on AirPods.

Method #1: Cleaning the AirPods

Dirt and wax accumulation on AirPods speaker grills are among the most common reasons for the sound imbalance issue. The good news is that you easily clean them with available resources at your home in the following way.

Step #1: Getting Rid of Dust/Debris

Wipe your AirPods clean with a soft, lint-free cloth slightly dampened with water. Now use another soft, lint-free cloth to dry them. Make sure you don’t spill liquid in the grill openings. Next, blow out the speaker grills with a bit of force.

Step #2: Cleaning Earwax

Ear wax not just clogs your ear canal; it can also accumulate on the speaker grills and cause your one AirPod to sound louder than the other.

You can carefully dig out earwax using a pointed end of the dental-floss stick and remove the wax from each grill hole. If the dental-floss stick is not available, use a cotton swab instead.

Step #3: Cleaning AirPods Case

Now that your AirPods are clean, it is time to clean the case as well for any leftover gunk.

Dampen a soft, dry, lint-free cloth with alcohol and wipe the outside surface to clean the case. If the inside of the case shows signs of dust or earwax, wipe it out by using a soft toothbrush dipped in alcohol.

Now your AirPods and their case are as good as new.


Do not use window cleaners, aerosol spray, or any cleaner containing hydrogen peroxide as it can cause external and internal ear irritations.

Method #2: Resetting AirPods

Do the following simple instructions to reset your AirPods for a better audio experience. To do this;

  1. Go to your Phone Settings > Bluetooth > My Devices > Info Icon, and tap on Forget this device.
  2. Now make sure AirPods are in the charging case with the lid closed for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Open the lid and set both AirPods aside.
  4. Next, press & hold down the Setup Button until the light between AirPods starts flashing amber.
  5. Follow your cell phone screen instructions to set up your AirPods again.

Method #3: Adjusting Audio Volume Balance

Your AirPods will sound louder on one side if the balance is adjusted more to the left or right. To do this on an iPhone:

  1. Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone and go to Accessibility > Audio/visual.
  2. Drag the slider to the center to restore its audio balance.
  3. Now confirm that both AirPods sound the same.

Method #4: Restart your Phone

Your device may be the source of the audio problem here. Restarting your phone can be helpful in this situation.

  1. On an iPhone, press and hold the power button until the power slider appears on your screen.
  2. Swipe the slider to the right to turn off your iPhone.
  3. If you are an Android user, press the Power button on the side and select Shut Down.
  4. Wait for 30 seconds, restart your phone, and connect your AirPods.

Hopefully, this time you’ll experience the same sound quality on both AirPods.


If the power button is not working for some reason, Go to Settings> General> Shut down and move the slider to the right to turn it off. To restart, plug it into a charger.

Replacing the AirPods

If any of the above methods are not working, visit your local Apple-authorized service provider to get a replacement for your AirPods.

You can make an appointment and bring the AirPods to the Apple service center. Ensure that you have the serial number in your hand that can be found on the charging case, original sale receipts, or AirPods box.

Alternatively, you can mail your AirPods to the service center. However, it will take a week to receive your replacement.


In this guide about “one AirPod sound louder than the other,” we discussed several methods to resolve the problem. We also discussed replacing the AirPods if none of the methods worked for you.

Hopefully, your issue is fixed now, and you can enjoy the same level of audio quality from both AirPods. Keep listening to what you love the most!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fix quiet AirPods?

You can fix it by disabling the Volume Limit feature on iPhones or the Dual Audio feature on Android devices.

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