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How to Resize an Image on iPhone

Resizing An Image On Iphone

iPhones are great tools when it comes to photography and videography. You can resize a photo using the photos app which is within the iPhone itself or by downloading external apps from the App Store to do the job. 

Read this article to find out how to resize a photo using both methods: internal photos app and externally downloaded apps. 

How Do I Resize a Photo Using the Photos App?

Maybe you’ve taken a photo and you want to resize (crop) it to remove something unwanted from the side of the image. Or maybe you want to resize it to focus more on something. Whatever you want to do, the photos app has got it all

First, head to your Photos app and select the image that you want to resize, by select we mean to click on it and enlarge it so you are viewing just that one photo.

In the top right-hand corner you have the edit button, click this and this will push your photo further to the top of the screen and open a few selections across the bottom of the screen.

Right at the bottom of the screen, you have on the left-hand “cancel” and on the right hand “revert”. In the middle, there should be three other icons. One is for editing the colours for example brightness and highlights, the middle is to apply filters and we need the right hand one, for resizing

Select this and the image gets a border with four white corners; underneath more buttons will appear but there are not relevant for what we want to do with resizing the photo.

Simply light press your finger across the sides of the photos and drag in or press on the corner of the photo and drag in. You can crop the image to whatever size you want. 

Once you have the right part of the photo within the brightened area and the parts you want to crop out in the darker area then click done, in the bottom right-hand corner. This will save your new image resized and exactly how you want it.

How Do I Resize a Photo Using an App?

We have found that the best resizing app is the Image Resize app. You can download this easily from the app store in seconds.

The best thing about this app is you can control the actual size of the image, as in the pixels or mm that you want the image to be when finished. 

This app is best for images when you need an exact size for a website image or to be printed onto something, for this, it’s very simple.

Open the app and on the home screen, you will see a blank page with several buttons above. Right at the top of the screen, usually under a banner advertisement that they have running, there are 5 large buttons.

We need the first button, this will import the image that you want into the app. If you click this for the right time the app will ask you to allow Image Size to access your photos, you might allow this for the app to work. 

Then, once you have allowed the app access it will take you to your Photos app and you can select the photo that you want to resize

Click on the photo to enlarge it and then select “choose”, in the bottom right corner. This then inputs the photo into the blank space that was previously on the app’s homepage.

When you have the photo on your homepage it’s time to use the second bar of buttons. Look at the top of the page, underneath the row of buttons we have just used to import the photo, there is a second row.

The second row has buttons like pixel, < pixel, mm, cm, inch. This is the row we need and depending on how you want your image to be, depends on which button you use. 

If you need your image to be a certain size for uploading to a website for example then go with the pixel option, you can add the exact width and height in pixels that you want the image to be.

As you adjust this you will see the image size changing on the screen, getting larger and smaller as you adjust. 

If you enter the width pixel value to be 3000 and your height value to be 3000 then the image will be cropped to a square. If you add the width as 3000 and the height as 4000 then you will visually notice the image becomes more of a portrait shape. The same goes for if you swap those numbers around, width as 4000 and height as 3000 then the image becomes landscape.

Once you have decided what size you want your image to be then you can use the buttons at the bottom of your page to export the image. You can save it, share it, email or print it. All options are very handy and that’s why we believe this app to be the best for photo resizing for iPhones. 

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