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Top Graphical MS-SQL Clients for Ubuntu Desktops

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As a system administrator or a developer working on Ubuntu desktops, there may be times when you need to interact with a Microsoft SQL Server (MS-SQL) database. In such cases, having a reliable, user-friendly, and feature-rich graphical client can make your work significantly easier. This article will guide you through some of the top graphical MS-SQL clients you can use on your Ubuntu desktop.

Quick Answer

DBeaver, Sqlectron, the SQL Server extension for Visual Studio Code, and Azure Data Studio are all top graphical MS-SQL clients for Ubuntu desktops.

1. DBeaver

DBeaver is an open-source universal database tool that supports a wide range of databases, including MS-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more. It provides a robust and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easy to manage your databases and execute SQL queries.


You can download the Debian package (.deb) from the DBeaver website and install it using the dpkg command. Here’s how to do it:

sudo dpkg -i dbeaver-*.deb

In this command, dpkg -i is used to install a package. The asterisk (*) is a wildcard that matches any characters, meaning it will install any .deb file that starts with ‘dbeaver-‘.

Alternatively, you can use snap or flatpak to install DBeaver:

sudo snap install dbeaver-ce


sudo flatpak install flathub io.dbeaver.DBeaverCommunity

In these commands, snap and flatpak are package management systems. install is the command to install a package, and the rest is the name of the package.

2. Sqlectron

Sqlectron is another open-source SQL client that offers a clean and straightforward GUI. It supports multiple databases, including MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, and SQLite.


You can download Sqlectron from their website and install it on your Ubuntu desktop. The installation process is straightforward and similar to any other software installation on Ubuntu.

3. SQL Server Extension for Visual Studio Code

If you’re already using Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu, the SQL Server extension can be a convenient option. This extension allows you to connect to multiple SQL Server databases, run queries, and execute scripts directly from the IDE.


To install the SQL Server extension, open Visual Studio Code, go to the Extensions view (you can use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+X), search for ‘SQL Server’, and click on ‘Install’.

4. Azure Data Studio

Formerly known as SQL Operations Studio, Azure Data Studio is a multi-platform tool developed by Microsoft. It supports SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.


You can download Azure Data Studio from the Microsoft website and install it on your Ubuntu desktop following the instructions provided on the site.


DBeaver, Sqlectron, the SQL Server extension for Visual Studio Code, and Azure Data Studio are all excellent options for graphical MS-SQL clients on Ubuntu desktops. Each of them has its strengths and unique features, so the best choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. Remember to consider factors such as the client’s ease of use, compatibility with your database, and the features it offers when making your decision.

Can I use these MS-SQL clients on other Linux distributions besides Ubuntu?

Yes, you can use these MS-SQL clients on other Linux distributions as well. However, the installation process may vary depending on the package management system used by the distribution.

Are these MS-SQL clients free to use?

Yes, all the MS-SQL clients mentioned in this article are free and open-source, except for Azure Data Studio, which is free to download and use but may have additional features available through a paid subscription.

Can I connect to remote MS-SQL servers using these clients?

Yes, all the MS-SQL clients mentioned in this article support connecting to remote MS-SQL servers. You will need to provide the necessary connection details, such as the server IP address, port number, username, and password.

Can I execute SQL queries and manage databases using these clients?

Yes, all the MS-SQL clients mentioned in this article provide the functionality to execute SQL queries and manage databases. You can create, modify, and delete tables, views, stored procedures, and more.

Are there any limitations to using these graphical clients compared to using the command-line interface?

These graphical MS-SQL clients offer a more user-friendly and intuitive interface compared to the command-line interface. However, some advanced features or specific configuration options may only be available through the command-line interface.

Can I use these MS-SQL clients for commercial projects?

Yes, you can use these MS-SQL clients for commercial projects. They are open-source and free to use, even for commercial purposes. However, it’s always a good idea to review the license agreements of each client to ensure compliance with their specific terms.

Can I use these MS-SQL clients on Windows or macOS?

Yes, most of these MS-SQL clients are cross-platform and can be used on Windows, macOS, and Linux. However, the installation process and availability of certain features may vary slightly between different operating systems.

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