What Are Featured Photos on iPhone?

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The iPhone featured Photos add exquisite beauty to our iPhone home screen. It alternatively shuffles different images on our devices and showcases them to us. But there are more things to do with this iPhone Featured Photos. So, let’s find out many things about it in this article.

Quick Answer

The iPhone Featured Photos is a chosen group of photos located on the widget of your iPhone home screen. These photos randomly shuffle themselves on your iPhone widget at regular intervals.

In this article, you will see all the tasks you can do with your iPhone Featured Photos and know the benefits of the iPhone Featured Image. Also, you will learn how to set up feature images on your iPhone. Lastly, you will learn how to disable the Featured Photos on iPhones and see how to delete an image from the Featured Photos.

However, before learning how to perform these tasks, let’s know what the Featured Photos on iPhone are.

What Are Featured Photos on iPhone?

The Featured Photos on iPhone have selected images on your iPhone widgets that automatically display on your home screen.

Inherently, you can’t decide on the images you want to see in your featured photo. This occurrence is because Apple designed the featured photos to be selected automatically by artificial intelligence. Hence, as an iPhone user, you can’t choose the pictures you want to see on your Featured Images. But you can delete, edit, and share it.

Nevertheless, you can still select the images you want to see on your Featured Photos when you download a third-party widget app. This third-party widget app provides you with the same function as the original iPhone widget app. However, it comes with the added capacity to decide/select which images you want to include in your Featured Photos.

What Can I Do with the iPhone Featured Photos?

With the iPhone Featured Images, you can share, edit, favorite, and delete them.

What Are the Benefits of the iPhone Featured Images?

Here are some of the benefits of the Featured Photos on iPhone:

  • The continuous shuffling of images gives your iPhone’s home screen aesthetic beauty.
  • It can serve as a photo reminder as it constantly appears on your screen.
  • It makes it easy for you to share and edit photos without going to your Photos app.

How To Set Featured Photos on an iPhone

As stated earlier, you can not set or add Featured Photos on an iPhone. However, with a third-party widget app, you will be able to add and edit featured images on iPhones.

Here is how to set Featured Images on an iPhone:

Step #1: Create a Photo Album Using a Third-party Application

  1. Go to the Apple Store and search for Photo Widget Simple.
  2. Download and Install the “Photos Widget Simple” app.
  3. Launch the “Photos Widget Simple app.”
  4. On the left-hand side, click on “Photo Widget.” This action will bring out a page showing “Create an Album”. The create an Album tab allows you to choose the pictures you want to include on the featured image.
  5. Click on the “Create an Album” tab. When you click on it, a pop-up window will appear.
  6. In the space provided, give a name to the album.
  7. Click on “Confirm” to save your new album folder.
  8. Click on “Load New Photos” and select several images from your photo app.
  9. On the top right corner of your screen, click “Add” > “Complete.”

Step #2: Feature the Album on Your Homescreen

  1. Go back to your app screen and long-press the “Photo Widget Simple” icon.
  2. At the top left corner, click on the “+” button.
  3. Scroll down to the “Photo Widget Simple” app and click on it.
  4. Click on “Add Widget.”
  5. Long press the widget that appears on the top left corner of your screen and click on “Edit Widget”> “Choose Album.”
  6. Click on any album you choose. You can also edit how frequently you want each photo to be displayed.
  7. Close the window. Your selected photos will now appear on your homepage as featured photos.

Here is a video showing you the procedures given above.


The iPhone Featured Photos randomly showcases the photos on your devices it thinks you will like on your home screen widget. You can easily edit, delete, share, and favorite images with the Featured Photos. However, you can’t choose the image that you want.

If you want to select the image you want on your Featured Photos, you will have to download a third-party application. An example of such an application is the Photo Widget Simple. It allows you to perform all the functions your iPhone widget will perform. In addition, it gives you the freedom to feature the image of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove Featured Photos on the iPhone widget?

To remove Featured Photos from your iPhone widget, tap on the picture you want to delete. After that, tap the “Share” button and tap “Remove from Featured Photos.” This action will remove the photo from your Featured Photos; however, the picture will remain saved on your device.

How to turn off Featured Photos?

To turn off your Featured Photos on your iPhone, you should:

1) Long press the widget until it shakes.
2) Tap the “x” button on the top right of the widget.

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