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What Cord Charges PS5 Controller?

Ps5 Controller

As a game lover, the controller of the PS5 will surely grab your attention because the DualSense controller is rechargeable. Whether you are planning on getting one or already own one, but it’s not charging, it might interest you to know that there are different ways to charge the controller, provided you have the right cord. So, what cord charges the PS5 controller? 

Quick Answer

The PS5 controller only features a USB-C port. So, if you have two controllers to charge the PS5 controller, you need a quality USB-C cable. Alternatively, you can use a charging dock to charge the PS5 controller. 

Arguably, in the history of console controllers, the PS5 controller is one of the most innovative controllers in the past decades. The DualSense controller comes with advanced haptics like no other. However, this feature means the controller is more power-hungry. Hence, users have to be innovative with how to charge the controller to enjoy endless gaming.

This article elaborates on the different ways to charge the PS5 controller safely.

Different Ways To Charge a PS5 Controller

Thanks to the USB-C port on the DualSense controller, there are several ways you can charge it. And the best part is that it is pretty easy to recharge the DualSense controller. However, there are a few things to note, such as when using the charging dock station. Keep reading to learn more about how you can charge a PS5 controller. 

Method #1: Using a USB-C Cable 

One of the easiest ways to charge a PS5 controller is with the USB-C cable in the box. It’s also inexpensive as you wouldn’t have to purchase anything. And you can connect the cable to the PS5 console or any other USB port such as your TV. 

Here’s how to use a USB-C cable to recharge a PS5 controller.

  1. Get the USB-C cable and plug the type-C end of the cable into the port on the controller, located at the top side of the controller. 
  2. Connect the type-A end of the cable to the front or rear USB port of your PS5.
  3. If the USB is functional, the PS5 controller will light up, pulsating an orange shade which charges the controller on rest mode. 
  4. When charging is complete, the light will turn off, and you can disconnect the PS5 controller and use it wirelessly. 

Method #2: Using a Type-C Phone Charger

Another way to recharge a PS5 controller is with a phone charger. So, if the cable that came with your PS5 controller is faulty, your phone charger is an alternative, provided it has a type-C end. However, it would be best if you were cautious of the specifications of the charger you use so as not to damage your controller. 

Here’s how to use a type-C phone charger to recharge a PS5 controller.

  1. Confirm that your phone charger delivers at least 5 volts of power.
  2. Connect the type-C end of your charger to the PS5 controller
  3. Plug the phone charger into a wall outlet, and the PS5 controller will pulsate orange to indicate it’s charging.
  4. Once the lightbar goes off, the controller is fully charged, and you can disconnect it. 

Method #3: Using a Charging Dock Station

You can also use a charging dock station to recharge a PS5 controller. A charging dock is an excellent option if you have more than one controller. Note that a charging dock does not come with the PS5 box. So, you have to spend around $30 to buy Sony’s DualSense charging station. With a charging dock, you don’t need any cable to recharge your controllers. 

Here’s how to recharge a PS5 controller using a charging dock station.

  1. Plug the charging dock station into a power outlet
  2. Place the controller into the charging dock carefully, push it down, and you’ll hear a clicking sound. 
  3. Turn on the wall outlet, and the controller’s lightbar will pulsate orange and turn off when charging is complete. 
Quick Tips

If you’re having issues charging your controller, try using a different USB cable. You can also try resetting the controller and plugging it into the PS5 console. If the issue persists, then it’s likely that your controller is faulty.


Nothing is as frustrating as when you turn on your PS5 console, only for the controller to be down. If your controller battery is constantly down, perhaps it’s because your charging cable is faulty; hence your controller is not charging. Get a replacement cable or take your controller to a technician to have it inspected in case the controller itself is faulty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take the controller to fully charge? 

According to Sony, the DualSense controller takes approximately three hours to charge the battery fully. If you’re using the PS5 console to charge the controller and using the controller simultaneously, it will take longer to charge fully. 

Why does my PS5 controller only charge when plugged into a controller? 

If your DualSense controller will only charge when plugged into a PS5, it’s likely because of the recent software update. The update is such that only Sony-approved devices will charge your controller. This is possible because of the voltage regulator that controls the charging rate. 

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