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What Does a Gaming Router Do?

Gaming Router

Many hardware companies target gamers with gadgets like headsets, gaming keyboards, monitors, sound cards, motherboards, etc. It doesn’t stop there; now, manufacturers are offering gaming routers. But aren’t gaming routers the same as regular routers, and what does it do? 

Quick Answer

A gaming router is specifically designed for online gaming. Unlike regular routers, gaming routers offer a better quality of service. With a gaming router, you have the option to configure your internet traffic to make it more efficient.  

A regular router does not care about which type of traffic is which. So, when multiple users use the same regular router simultaneously, it will struggle to meet the demand, and connections will become poor and laggy. However, this is not the case with gaming routers.

This article will explain why you need to get a gaming router.  

What Are the Benefits of Using a Gaming Router? 

As a gamer, using a gaming router, even in a multi-user household, will always give your gaming traffic network priority, thus letting you have uninterrupted or lagging performance. 

A gaming router has several benefits, which we will look at in the section below.

Benefit #1: Offers Better Connection Speed 

Unlike regular routers, gaming routers can handle more data quickly. So, you can achieve better audio and visual accuracy, especially on a shared connection. 

Gaming routers are built to handle large traffic volumes with minimal disruption when other users are streaming or downloading a file simultaneously. And when you use hard-wired Ethernet port connections, you can achieve better speed than wireless. 

Benefit #2: Uses Quality of Service (QoS) To Prioritize Internet Traffic 

Gaming routers also come with different quality of service features that help users gauge better how effective their hardware is at reducing disruptions and managing their connection. 

With these features, users can avoid errors when doing high-priority tasks that may require considerable bandwidth stability. At the heart of most QoS is traffic prioritization which allows you to supervise how your routers manage the traffic of specific devices and activities.  

Benefit #3: Provides Better Audio and Graphic Fidelity 

Another key benefit of gaming routers is their superior fidelity. As a gamer, having a clean streaming connection means less audio and visual distortion is essential and achievable by using a gaming router. 

Due to gaming routers’ QoS features and their holistic approach to traffic management, they can give the best performance. So, when using a gaming router, you will not experience reduced freeze frames and gamer stutters, thus lowering the possibility of audio or visual inaccuracies. 

Benefit #4: Minimizes Data Loss 

Gaming routers can sort through internet traffic fast. For this reason, they can ensure traffic moves smoothly through the fastest available pathway. As a result, gaming routers can substantially reduce the possibility of data loss which is one of the primary causes of latency

Traffic from less sophisticated and slower routers is more jumbled and energy intensive. Furthermore, it exposes the data to more risk of being degraded or lost. So, investing in a good-quality gaming router is pretty useful. Although there are cheaper regular routers that offer lag-free and data protection use, they aren’t sure. 

Benefit #5: Supports Multiple Users Simultaneously 

Using a gaming router is better than a regular router because it supports multiple users simultaneously. Multi-user support has been one of the main issues with routers. When there are multiple users on a regular router streaming, gaming, or working online, the connection speed of the router will reduce. 

But a gaming router is designed to support multiple users, giving them superior baseline performance. The reason for this is that a gaming router features better hardware that makes it able to perform better than a regular router. So, you can connect your phone, accessories, and smart tech to a gaming router and not worry about getting sufficient internet connection strength when gaming. 

Benefit #6: Offers Better Wi-Fi Range 

When a router has superior hardware, several aspects are expected to improve. One such feature that has improved is its Wi-Fi range. The Wi-Fi range of a gaming router is wider than a regular router, letting you put more distance between you and the router without suffering an internet connection issue. 

Most regular routers have a Wi-Fi range of about 1,000 square feet which is adequate for most homes’ streaming needs. But as an avid gamer, having more coverage is essential. A gaming router has a Wi-Fi range of about 5,000 square feet

Benefit #7: Has Superior Hardware and Components Performance 

Gaming routers come with superior hardware and components, making them perform better than regular routers. With better built-in memory and processors, gaming routers can achieve much better responsive operation and performance

For example, a router with a tri-band is a useful feature that allows you to transmit across three channels at the same time. Gaming routers also feature an extra antenna that helps them increase their coverage range. 

Benefit #8: Provides Better Ambient Security Features 

Generally, most routers have built-in security that helps protect the network from hackers. However, gaming routers have an absolute security system that gives you peace of mind. 

Gaming routers can come with security features like anti-virus software and better connection protocol which gives you a better connection against intrusion and malware than standard routers. In most cases, the security system on gaming routers can provide multi-year coverage that can be renewed or modified, as the case may be. 

Quick Tip

When shopping for a gaming router, look for one with a dual band as it increases your bandwidth usage.


Overall, using a gaming router offers way more advantages than regular routers. The QoS of a gaming router improves your experience across the board and helps you better manage Wi-Fi traffic, signal, bandwidth, and more. So, even if you are not a gamer but would like to prioritize certain types of connections, then a gaming router is what you need.

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