What Does “Cellular” Mean on iPad?

Cellular On Ipad

Do you know about the term “cellular” on iPad? Are you confused about what that term means? Just hold your seat and read this article until the end.

Quick Answer

The iPad with “cellular” means that you have a SIM slot to insert a SIM, and you can use a cellular internet connection just like your mobile phone. Because of this, you can use it anywhere without any Wi-Fi connection needed.

In this article, you will learn what the term cellular means on an iPad and its function. All your questions will be clear in this guide related to that term.

Cellular on iPad

There are two kinds of iPads; one is cellular. If your iPad is cellular, it contains a SIM slot. You can connect to the internet using a SIM card and cellular data network like your mobile phone. You can also connect to Wi-Fi as well.

The other types of iPads are Wi-Fi-only iPad, in which you need to connect to your internet with Wi-Fi only. You cannot access the internet without Wi-Fi using a SIM card.

Most of the iPad have a Wi-Fi facility. You may need to pay extra to get that cellular feature on your iPad.

Advantages and Disadvantages of iPad With Cellular

Using an iPad with a cellular utility can give you many benefits we will discuss here. Still, there may be some disadvantages to it also. Read them below.

Advantages of a Cellular iPad

  • Suppose you are like those who keep moving and working outside, at home, in-office, or in travel. So, you may need an internet connection anywhere at any time. You will not be able to access a stable Wi-Fi connection all the time during outside moves, so you must be required to use a cellular iPad to fulfill your needs.
  • The iPad with cellular will provide memory in your iPad, so it’s a thing for storing large files like videos, movies, photos, or any other big files, etc.
  • The iPad with a cellular facility mostly has a bigger screen size and resolution. So, it makes your use your using beautiful.
  • It has a GPS facility, so if you want to use navigating while traveling, etc., it can be the best chance to get that facility.
  • It provides more battery time. You don’t have to be worried about your battery when you are outside.

Disadvantages of a Cellular iPad

  • A cellular iPad is more costly than another type of iPad with a Wi-Fi facility, so the cost can be expensive for you.
  • It provides fewer pixels for photos, which can also be a drawback for photo lovers.
  • It weighs more than other iPads because of more giant screens.


Buying a cellular iPad will benefit you as you can use it anywhere and get all the features even if you are on the move or traveling. Yes, it can be expensive, but it’s also giving you portability, better space, and better quality than any other WiFi-only iPad.

Frequently Asked Question

Can an iPad with cellular data make phone calls?

The iPad with cellular only connects to data; it cannot send or receive voice calls or regular text messages. If you utilize iMessage, you can communicate with others by sending and receiving what appear to be text messages but are transmitted over mobile data.

Do I need a cellular iPad?

It’s possible to use your phone as a hotspot, but if you spend more time using your iPad, it should be your priority to buy a cellular iPad for ease of use.

Do I have to pay monthly for an iPad with cellular?

You must buy a monthly plan for an all-time internet connection if you want to use that cellular service. Otherwise, if you don’t want to activate that cellular service on your phone, you will not need to pay for a monthly plan.

How do I turn off cellular data on my iPad?

However, you might see Settings > “Cellular Data” using an iPad. To find out which app utilizes cellular data, scroll down. You can disable cellular data usage for a specific app if you don’t want it to. Apps will only use Wi-Fi for data when cellular data is turned off.

How do I know if my iPad has cellular capability?

One way to check is the look for the “Cellular” option in the Settings app. Another way is to look at the side of the iPad for the SIM slot. If you found any of them, your iPad has cellular capabilities.

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