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What Does “Delivered” Mean on iPhone?


In the world today, almost everyone is fond of communicating through texting. Technology advancements have brought new devices like the iPhone with exciting features, including messaging. It was costly, and it was worth the price. When you forward a message to someone, you will need to know if the message has been seen or not. So what does “Delivered” mean on an iPhone?

Quick Answer

On iPhone, “Delivered” means confirmation or notification from your service providers that your recipient has successfully received the message you sent. When you see this notification, you can be sure that the recipient has received your message.

Some people who just started using the iPhone might have seen a notification saying “Delivered” and still wonder what it means. On iPhone, the users know that their message has been delivered to the recipient by getting a delivery notice. So in this article, you will get a proper explanation of what it means for an iPhone to show “Delivered” after sending a text.  

What Does the “Delivered” Notification Mean on iPhone?

Waiting for a reply from someone when you send a message can be very annoying. And not knowing if the person has seen or read the message is even worse. But with iPhone users, it’s a different story.

Most users are anxious to know what it means when it shows “Delivered”. Every message you send with your iPhone doesn’t show the word “Delivered” because the recipient has to receive it before it can show you “Delivered”. But this does not mean the recipient has read your message. Whenever the message is read, it turns to “Read” from “Delivered”.

Meaning of “Sent”, “Failed”, “Delivered”, and “Undelivered”

There are a lot of differences between these words, “Sent”, “Failed”, “Delivered”, and “Undelivered”. Most people now do texting; even business owners harness this opportunity to grow or expand their customer services through text campaigns. For beginners, the world of texting might confuse you; that’s why you need to know the meaning of some keywords like “Sent”, “Failed”, “Delivered”, and “Undelivered”. Below is the meaning of these message terminologies 

“Sent” Notification

When texting someone, have you ever seen a “Sent” notification? If you have, the delivery carrier has received your message. This is the first step of an SMS journey to a recipient. Seeing this notification brings relief that your recipient will soon receive your message. If the notification you got is “Failed”, then the message has not been sent to the recipient, but the server delivering messages has gotten that text. A weak network or internet connection might make your message fail to reach the recipient. 

Your mobile networks might be experiencing busy periods, and the congestion might make the servers stop. And this may keep your message stuck after it has been sent. Another reason your message got stuck is that your recipient’s phone is switched off. If the recipient doesn’t turn on his phone for seventy-two hours, the text you sent will expire. 

“Failed” Notification 

You might get a “Failed” notification when you send a message to someone. The service provider has rejected the message you sent, which is why you have received that kind of notification. Hence, it cannot be delivered. This situation is very rare because of the robust systems the service providers use to avoid issues regarding operations. There are a few reasons why you might see this notification. 

Your message might be missing some parts, and when the service providers observe this, they cannot send it to the recipient. That’s why they send you a failure notification. Double-check your message for errors and confirm if the recipient’s number is correct. After doing this, try sending the message again. Connection problems might be another reason why you got a failed notification. Another reason might be the time you sent the message was the peak of the network’s operating time. Most times, the peak operating time is between 3 and 5 pm. 

“Delivered” Notification 

It’s a good sign to see the “Delivered” notification. Your message is forwarded to your recipient after it stops getting stuck. The confirmation from your service provider that your message has been delivered to your recipient is the “Delivered” notification. In rare cases, the recipient may not have received the message, yet you get the “Delivered” notification. This might be because of issues with device memory or because the recipient has a full inbox. Delete your cache and restart your phone to solve this problem.

“Undelivered” Notification 

When your message gets sent but doesn’t get delivered is what an undelivered status is. This might be because the content or number of the message is unsuitable. When you also type an incorrect number and send a message to it, the message cannot get delivered. Sending messages to landlines, too, won’t get the message “Delivered”. The content of your message will also determine if it will get delivered, so always ensure you have the correct number and message so your message can be “Delivered”. 

Keep in Mind

Sometimes the network providers on the recipients’ side might be experiencing network issues, which may not allow your message to get delivered.


The unique features an iPhone has makes it one of the best phones you can buy. Most users praise its excellent unique features, and one of them is the messaging feature. The users get notifications about their messages after forwarding. Now you understand what sent, failed, undelivered, and “Delivered” messages mean.

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