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What Does “LHR” Mean on GPU?


It’s no news that it is a tough time for PC gamers as GPU shortage due to crypto mining has made buying the best graphics card challenge. And even when you find a GPU, it is often at an exorbitant price. To help combat the scarcity of GPU, NVidia introduces the LHR technology. So, what is the LHR technology on GPU? 

Quick Answer

The LHR or Lite Hash Rate is a technology that prevents crypto miners from using the graphics card for mining. If used for mining, the LHR technology halves the hash rate. Hence, LHR GPUs are less profitable for miners, thus making it the available for gamers instead. 

The whole idea of the LHR technology is to get more GPU into the hands of gamers. This article will give you a rundown on what LHR does if it impacts gaming performance and everything else you need to know. 

What Is the LHR Technology? 

The whole idea of the LHR technology is to make GPU easier and cheaper for gamers. LHR GPUs are designed to make it harder to use the GPU for mining cryptocurrencies without reducing gaming performance. The integration of the LHR technology is the second time NVidia has attempted to integrate this feature. 

The newer LHR GPUs feature a more secure integration between software and firmware. NVidia tried to launch this technology in March of 2021 in the GeForce RT 3060. However, things didn’t go as planned as an accidental beta driver released the software-based anti-mining protections, which unlocked the full mining performance. Nevertheless, NVidia was undaunted by this and went on with a second attempt two months later.  

While the LHR technology limiter effectively reduces the use of GPU for mining, no one knows if the limiter will be long-term. Even though the LHR technology limits the performance of GPU by 50%, it is possible to unlock up to 70% of the LHR GPU for mining purposes with the right tool. Several users use the NBMiner to unlock the restricted part of LHR GPUs. 

Quick Facts

The LHR technology is included in the following GeForce graphics cards: RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3080 (Founders Edition), RTX 3070 Ti, RTX 3070 (Founders Edition), RTX 3060 Ti (Founders Edition), and RTX 3060.


The LHR technology is a useful feature integrated into NVidia GPU that ensures there are enough GPUs for graphics users other than miners. While Ethereum is the most popular crypto mined with GPUs, they aren’t the only type of coin that puts much stress on GPU demand. Dogecoin also puts a lot of strain on GPU demand, and sadly the LHR graphics card wouldn’t detect its mining.

Also, several tools are available to lift the restrictions of LHR on mining. But overall, the LHR helped improve GPU availability to consumers other than crypto mining. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does LHR on GPU affect the performance of gaming? 

The LHR technology would not affect gaming performance. After all, the essence of the LHR GPU in the first place was to improve the availability of GPU for gamers. So, if the decline in GPU performance will also affect gamers, then the technology wouldn’t be very useful.

However, no official performance test compares a non-LHR GPU with an LH GPU. Still, no gamers have complained of suffering performance issues when using an LHR GPU. 

Are LHR GPUs cheaper? 

Yes, LHR GPUs are cheaper than non-LHR GPUs. LHR GPU is more affordable because the demand for a non-LHR GPU is more than an LHR GPU. Since a non-LHR GPU does not have a restriction, users can buy and use it for gaming and mining the cryptocurrency of their choice. So, a non-LHR GPU is a multifunctional GPU. But take note that though an LHR GPU is cheaper than a non-LHR GPU, their price difference is not that much. 

Does AMD have an equivalent to LHR? 

AMD Radeon and NVidia are the two world’s most popular GPU manufacturers and competitors. While NVidia developed the LHR technology, AMD does not have an equivalent.

However, this does not mean that miners cannot use AMD graphics cards for mining. In fact, as a result of the LHR limitation on NVidia, users are shifting from the use of NVidia GPUs to the use of AMD GPUS. In March, AMD claimed that it had no intention of blocking mining operations on its GPUs. 

How do I know I have an LHR GPU? 

When buying any NVidia GPUs, it is essential to take note of the difference between an LHR GPU and a non-LHR GPU. You can tell the difference between these two GPUS by looking for a sticker on the product box. A GPU with the LHR technology will have an identifier that says it comes with the technology. 

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