What Does “No Caller ID” Mean on iPhone?

Unknown Caller Id On Screen

As you may know, caller ID is an important feature that allows you to see who is calling before answering their call. When your phone rings, the first thing you do is check the name or number of the caller. But what if the screen displays “Private Number” instead of a caller ID?

Receiving calls from a private number is disturbing and can cause unnecessary anxiety. You are not alone if you have received calls showing “No Caller ID” on your iPhone screen. Apple lets users hide their caller ID through the Settings app, but it’s uncomfortable when you’re on the receiving end.

But what does “No Caller ID” mean on an iPhone?

Quick Answer

When you receive a call displaying “No Caller ID” on your iPhone, the caller intentionally hid their contact details from you. They don’t want you to recognize or trace back the call to them.

We prepared this article to highlight what No Caller ID means on an iPhone and how to handle such calls.

Overview of “No Caller ID” Calls on iPhone

Receiving a call from a hidden number can cause discomfort because this is a caller who has deliberately concealed their identity.

Who is likely to call you with a “No Caller ID”? “No Caller ID” calls are possible from the following people.

  • Obsessive ex-partner (ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, etc.).
  • Spammers.
  • Hackers.
  • Telemarketers.
  • Any individual who wants to conceal their identity.

How To Turn On the “No Caller ID” Feature

The “No Caller ID” feature can be turned on using two main methods.

Method #1: From the Phone App

Open the Phone app and dial *67, followed by the phone number you want to call. The receiver may see “No Caller ID” or “Private” when you make the call.

Method #2: From the Settings App

Here’s how to turn on the “No Caller ID” feature from the Settings app.

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on the “Phone” tab. 
  2. Tap “Show My Caller ID” and toggle the switch to off.

Pros of Enabling the “No Caller ID” Feature on iPhone

Here are the pros of using the “No Caller ID” feature.

  • The “No Caller ID” feature comes in handy when you’re calling strangers and don’t want them to call you back or trace the call back to you.
  • You can use the “No Caller ID” feature if you want to call without the receiver knowing your phone number.

Cons of Enabling the “No Caller ID” Feature on iPhone

Here are the cons of using the “No Caller ID” feature.

  • If you have the “No Caller ID” feature turned on, people you call may find it difficult to call you back if they missed your call.
  • Some people have set their phones to reject calls that display “No Caller ID” automatically. If you have the feature turned on and called them, your call won’t go through.
  • When making an emergency call, the dispatcher needs to see your phone number so they can trace the call or call you back if need be. If you have the “No Caller ID” feature turned on, the dispatcher will not see your number and may fail to call you back if you hang up suddenly and don’t provide information on how they can reach you.

How To Block “No Caller ID” Calls on iPhone

Fortunately, you can block the annoying “No Caller ID” calls on your iPhone. There are two ways to do that: the “Do Not Disturb” feature and the Phone app.

Method #1: Blocking “No Caller ID” Calls Using Do Not Disturb

Here’s how to use the Do Not Disturb feature on iPhone to block “No Caller ID” callers.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down the menu and tap “Do Not Disturb“.
  3. Turn on the “Manual” toggle.
  4. Click “Allow Calls From“.
  5. Choose “All Contacts“.

Any call from a number not in your contact list will be silent.


Choosing to receive calls only from your contacts means you will not get notifications for callers whose numbers you haven’t saved on your iPhone. You may miss calls from your Uber driver, pizza delivery guy, insurance company, bank, a loved one who borrows a phone to contact you, etc.

Method #2: Blocking “No Caller ID” Calls on iPhone From the Phone App

You need to add the “No Caller ID” caller to your contacts and block the number to use this method, and here’s how to do it.

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Click “Contacts“.
  3. Tap on the plus (+) sign.
  4. Add the phone number for the “No Caller ID” caller.
  5. Save the contact as “Do Not Answer“, “Spam“, or any other name.
  6. Tap “Done“.
  7. Scroll down the menu and click “Block This Caller“.
  8. Confirm the action by selecting “Block Contact“.


Receiving a call that displays “No Caller ID” on your iPhone means the caller deliberately hid their contact information from you. These callers can be spammers, hackers, telemarketers, or anyone who doesn’t want you to know their identity. Fortunately, you can silence calls from private callers through the “Do Not Disturb” feature or block them.

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