What Does “Optimize iPhone Storage” Mean?

Iphone Storage

While iOS is well known for brilliant app integration, certain features leave users daunted. To name one, we’ve got something called “Optimize iPhone Storage”. If you’re among those who wonder what this feature is all about, prepare to face the answer.

Quick Answer

“Optimize iPhone Storage” makes you look at an iCloud functionality meant to enhance your device’s available storage. It isn’t hard to decode; the eventual meaning of this feature reflects in its name.

Whether or not you’re well aware of the term “Optimize iPhone Storage”, the following guide will ensure you’re left with complete knowledge. Keep reading as we dive deep and uncover every bit of information.

What Does “Optimize iPhone Storage” Mean on iPhone?

Storage, just like other entities, has been a crucial part of the tech-sphere. No doubt the importance has seen a considerable increase with the passing time. Thankfully, the industry experts have played their role in bringing the necessary evolution parallel to it.

One name that has its share in the same is Apple’s Cloud Photos. The feature helps store and manage all your media in the most promising manner. From photos to videos, the utility allows you to store every bit of desired media without even hurting the original form. Speaking of the original condition, we’re inclining towards holding the most high-resolution version. 

The iCloud feature is impressive, but Apple, over the years, has made impressive additions and made it even better. The introduction of “Optimize iPhone Storage” is a pure reflection of it.  

What Happens When You Turn On “Optimize iPhone Storage”?

When you head over to your device’s Settings and turn on the “Optimize Storage” feature, iCloud Photos starts some automatic optimization. It automates the whole process of managing the existing size of your device’s storage/library. 

The fact that images and videos are stored on one’s device in various formats is no stranger to anyone. While some might be lightweight, others might end up being heavy-duty. Whatever your iPhone’s situation, the eventual result is storage consumption.

Irrespective of the original version of the photos and videos stored, the iCloud utility transforms those into some space-saving renditions. Doing that, a significant volume gets cut off from the available storage. That’s precisely how the “Optimize iPhone Storage” saves some serious space on your device.

Keep in Mind

The feature optimizes the device’s library only when you need some space. It starts with the generic media files that include pictures and videos. You can download the same over Wi-Fi or cellular internet connectivity whenever you need the original photos and videos.

Activating the Optimize iPhone Storage Option on iPhone

Now that you know everything about the “Optimize iPhone Storage” feature, let’s uncover the quick ways of activating it.

  1. Boot up your iPhone.
  2. Find and tap the Settings icon.
  3. Locate your name or your device’s name and click on it.
  4. From the list of options, look for “iCloud“.
  5. Hit the “Photos” option.
  6. Click the switch next to “iCloud Photos” to turn it on.
  7. Hover over to “Optimize iPhone” and click it.

Voila, your device’s storage is now a touch more optimized.

Apple Optimizing the Original Image: Know If the Process Dumps Your Images

While many people label the optimization feature as “dumping“, it is essential to understand that Apple never does that. Yes, your original image never gets dumped. The entire process of optimization initiates if and when an image or video is captured and the same is uploaded to the user’s Apple account. 

As already discussed, the storage optimization occurs at Apple’s iCloud servers. Until the point we’re writing this piece, Apple hasn’t revealed how they exactly manage the existing redundancy with images. However, according to some experts, it’s likely to occur when the concerned media is copied to discrete geographical locations stretched across Apple’s data center network.

Wrapping Up

With that, we’re done walking you through every aspect of the “Optimize iPhone Storage” feature. If you’ve dedicated your time reading this piece, you already know what the feature is all about and how the same works. Not just that, we’ve guided you on how to activate the “Optimize Storage” utility in just a few clicks.

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