What Does the Button on the AirPods Case Do?

Airpods With Case

Apple AirPods is one of the most used AirPods around the world. Each AirPods comes with a button at the back of the case that most users barely use. It is, however, helpful when needed. But this brings us to the question, what does the button on the AirPods case do?

Quick Answer

The button on the case of the AirPods is used to connect your smartphone to the AirPods and reset your AirPods. To connect to your phone, open the case, hold the AirPods close to your phone and follow the prompt on your screen to connect them. To reset the AirPods, open the lid of your AirPods case, and hold the button down for 10 seconds until it shows a white flash. Once you see the white flash, you can reconnect the AirPods to your phone.

Apple AirPods are a very popular option for those truly looking for a fantastic wireless listening experience. The integration between the AirPods and the iPhone is seamless for an Apple user because they are both Apple products.

In this article, you will get to know what the button on the case of AirPods does. 

Different Uses of Case Buttons on Apple AirPods

Apple seems to have built an ecosystem for its users, and they have been doing its best to release new features that will suit the needs of its users worldwide. Apple AirPods have been produced in a way that users can easily make use of it. But sometimes, you might have wondered what the button at the back of the case of an Apple AirPods can do.

There are two primary functions of the setup button. One of its functions is pairing, which is useful when pairing the AirPods to a non-iOS device. The second use is to use the button to reset the AirPods when the need arises, so you don’t have any interruption or interference. Learn more about the uses of the button at the back of the AirPods case.

Method #1: For Pairing 

Users of an Android phone or Windows device can also use an Apple AirPods easily, but not as seamlessly as an Apple user. This is precisely where the button at the back of the case comes into play.

Here’s how to use the button at the back of the AirPods case for pairing.

  1. Press the button with the earbuds still in the case.
  2. Go to the “Bluetooth” settings and toggle the switch on. 
  3. Enable the Bluetooth and open the case.
  4. Press the case button until you see a white status light.
  5. Check your smartphone and click on the pair

Method #2: For Resetting 

Pairing AirPods to non-Apple devices is not the only function for which the button at the back of the case is used. You can also use the button to reset your AirPods. For example, if you are experiencing poor battery life, audio issues, problems with connection, or whatever the case might be that shouldn’t be happening, with the help of the back button, you can reset your AirPods in an attempt to fix that problem. 

Here’s how to use the button at the back of your AirPods case for resetting.

  1. Turn on your AirPods by opening the case’s lid.
  2. Press the case button for 10 seconds until you see a white light flash. Your AirPods will reset and then reboot. 
Quick Tip

Resetting your AirPods is helpful when you are experiencing issues with it, as it fixes many existing problems and issues you are experiencing.


Apple AirPods are straightforward and can be used by both Apple and non-Apple users. You can easily pair the AirPods with the aid of the button on the case by pressing the button and then pairing your phone to the AirPods by clicking on the name of your AirPods on your smartphone. This will enable you to pair your phone and the AirPods. To reset your AirPods, press the button on the case of the AirPods for 15 seconds until the white status light flashes. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where do I tap on my Apple AirPods? 

You can easily change how your AirPods function by taping them twice on top of the AirPods. For instance, when you have an incoming call on your smartphone, click twice on your case button to answer the call. You can set each AirPods to do any of the following with a double tap: pause music content on your smartphone or play any audio content.

How do I switch off my AirPods?  

You can’t switch off your AirPods because Apple AirPods have been designed so that they’d always be ready to use. All you have to do is open their case cover, remove the AirPods, and put them in your ears—no need to switch it on or off.

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