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What Is a Hexa Core Processor?


When buying a laptop or PC, we pay attention to the specifications. One essential spec we consider is the core processor, which normally could be a dual or quad-core processor. But, the technology in the world of processors gave us something else more advanced – a Hexa Core processor. But, what is a Hexa Core processor?

Quick Answer

A Hexa-core processor has six cores on a single silicon chip. In other words, six different execution units (cores) are put together on one chip. This special chip has much more ability than the usual dual and quad-core processors. 

We’ll cover this in detail below and mention the benefits and drawbacks of employing a Hexa Core processor. So, let’s get started. 

What Is a Hexa Core Processor?

A Hexa Core processor is an advanced CPU with six different cores. These six distinct cores are utilized to execute and send all data. Hexa Core CPU performs tasks faster and with better efficiency than dual-core (2-core) and quad-core (4-core) processors. Intel first released the i7 Hexa Core processor in 2010.

4-core processors are standard for most editing and games software. However, a quad-core CPU will still not achieve the performance of a Hexa-core. A 6-core processor is much more comfortable with running high-demanding games. In other words, you can play games, watch, and edit videos at greater frame rates without overtasking your system. A quad-core CPU will have eight threads at maximum. On the other hand, a Hexa-Core CPU can have up to 12 threads, which means it’s much better. The more threads imply that the strength of the processor is nearly doubled, and you can perform demanding tasks without experiencing any glitches.


A Hexa Core processor isn’t the best (highest core) available. There are 8-core processors too. Indeed, we might even see a 100-core processor in the future, as Wired.com tells in this article

4 Benefits of Employing a Hexa Core Processor

Benefit #1: More Efficient Streaming

Hexa Core processors are very efficient in streaming games and other content online. A computer with this type of CPU can provide a much faster online streaming than the one with a quad-core processor. 

Whether you need to stream videos or transcode content, a Hexa Core processor can help you cut down the time you need for any task. That also means you can do more – increased productivity. 

Benefit #2: Enhanced Multitasking Ability

A processor with a higher number of cores is more efficient in accomplishing various multitasking operations. So, a Hexa Core process can handle six applications at once without a problem. 

A Hexa Core processor is even more useful in this era of Internet advancement. With this feature, you can host your database and applications and do more in a single server without experiencing any performance issues

Benefit #3: Excellent Visual Proficiency

An increased number of cores offers a higher threading facility, which means you can connect multiple machines on a Hypervisor. When a Hexa Core processor combines with a decent CPU, the visual effect you get from this combination is wonderful!

Benefit #4: A Greater Gaming Experience

You can enjoy online and offline high-graphic gaming with greater efficiency by employing a Hexa Core processor. With this type of processor on your laptop, you can play high-demanding games like Fifa online with more enhanced visual effects and zero lagging issues

Drawbacks of Employing a Hexa Core Processor

Drawback #1: High Price Tag

Hexa Core processors are extraordinary, and none of us can deny the temptation of using a computer with one. Unfortunately, the price tag is very high compared to the older versions. The maintenance cost of a Hexa Core processor is also high, which is bad news for most of us!

Drawback #2: High Energy Consumption

Since a Hexa Core processor is more advanced and powerful, it consumes a lot of energy. Indeed, it takes in more power than the quad-core processor. That means your computer would have to recharge your computer’s battery more often.


What is a Hexa Core processor? We’ve learned that a Hexa Core processor is an advanced CPU with six cores. This type of processor is more efficient and powerful than the older processors. A Hexa Core processor is more comfortable running graphic-intensive games and other high-demanding tasks. 

We’ve also covered other benefits of implementing a Hexa Core processor, including enhanced multitasking ability and excellent visual proficiency. However, this processor doesn’t come cheap. It’s more expensive and consumes more energy than the quad-core processor. Therefore, Hexa Core processors are only best for those looking for higher quality performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: Quad-Core or Hexa Core?

In general, six-core or Hexa Core processors are better. They can offer better performance than quad-core processors. Indeed, Hexa Core processors are preferred in workplaces as they provide a lower price-performance ratio. You can also use six-core processors for CPU-intensive processes such as games. 

Is employing a Hexa Core CPU worth the extra cost if I’m a casual gamer?

A quad-core CPU can be okay if you’re a casual gamer. Employing a Hexa Core processor is only worth the cost for a hardcore gamer looking for higher performance.

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